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    Originally posted by CHARGER$ View Post
    i know youre a fan of RM so i thought you would like to see this.
    Its his first purchase, a bmw.

    You know, he's been sporting that chargers hat for a few weeks now... a week before draft even.

    he wore it to the practice that was held a week predraft lol so he even knew where he was headed.

    nice ride though, 155 max my ass, that chit will take him 170.


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      Ryan Matthews owes me a new alarm clock




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        Ryan Colburn will be the starter this year unless something unforseen happens. The plan is to red shirt Derek allowing Colburn to complete his senior season as the starter. It makes sense when you think about it.

        There are a number of young players who will enter FSU in the fall who will have an impact on the 2010 team. If you recall a couple of years ago Boise was in the same situation. How fast the new players develop will determine a lot about this season.

        A number of freshmen Red Shirt players have made an impression on Hill and there are some entering freshmen who look awfully good. We could have an exceptional WR core for the next few years. We will have both highth and speed at the WR position. It looks like we may possibly have a returner in Batman's league. I think Boise remembers him well.

        We will have the best high school punter in the nation joining the team and I happen to think that will be a big change for the Bulldogs. I look for big time improvement in the special teams areas which we have not excelled at in the last few years.

        I think the loss of Baxter will not be as big as a lot of people think. I think the new coach brings a different mind set to the punting game and we will be vastly improved in that area. Some will question what I'm saying, but I think are punt coverage will be greatly improved.

        I am very high on the future of Bulldog football, but I think we are at least a year away under normal circumstances. However, if you talk to Pat Hill he is not willing to concede that.

        Pat says he likes the chemistry and spirit of his young players. They are a very tight group of enjoyable young men. I think any one taking us lightly will be in for a big surprise.

        The biggest problem we have had is that we have had to play a perfect game offensively. Our defense has been so bad that one mistake by Colburn has ment the game. Colburn will make a mistake here or there and has a weaker arm than Derek.

        That means he is more likely to be intercepted, since the defense has more time to react. Carr is more likely to have an interception due to a deflection. Carr simply has much better arm strength. Both are exceptional QB's. Its just a matter of preference and you can not play both at the same time.

        You will see a lot more wild cat(dog) this year than in the past. Even with Feathers gone there will even be better options than Feathers. Some of it is here already and some of it will arrive.

        If this team does well this year then Pat Hill and his staff will have done a coach of a year job with this ball club. I think the big challenge is creating a solid defense and being basically injury free. Depth is a problem for most smaller schools and we are no exception.

        The offense will be in place probably with a greater emphasis on the pass. There is a possibility of a big time RB being available for one year. He is in school, but he has to have enough units to play as a 5th year senior.

        He transfered from CAL and the state universities and the UC system have a political struggle over each others units. Its one of those administrative nightmares for young people transferring between the systems.

        In any event there is a lot to look forward to this year and it might be more exciting than most think.
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          Especially since Pat Hill is no stranger to having to replace one of his coaching staff members, he's gotten jacked many times by other teams and baxter is just another one (even though they were very good friends).

          I hope now that Lane Kiffin (fresno state alum) and baxter (ex-fresno state special teams coach) are a part of USC, they will be more lenient about having fresno play some games at USC and pat hill doesn't want a game at fresno in return, ever.

          Not many BCS teams are men of their words but cincy is alright with playing in fresno and I will be glad to attend that home opener.

          I can't wait till the season and I hope to see you guys at the games.

          I'm contemplating going to boise for the big game.

          the blue fields gonna make me nauseous tho


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            Originally posted by BVP View Post
            Thats a bummer. I want someone to take out Boise St.
            You and me both brother. However, I don't think its going to come from the WAC this year. Though I think Va Tech might take them to pound town in the opening game.


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              Okay now that we are in the MWC...

              lets look at this season game by game...

              This next game against Utah State is going to be a tough one.

              This is the WAC opener, and we are playing it AWAY...

              I say this game will show us whether or not we can run the table this season, and hopefully get a good bowl birth..

              I predict we end the season ranked 20th


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                maybe we oughta be more worried about Hawaii.




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                  Originally posted by RealBronco View Post
                  maybe we oughta be more worried about Hawaii.

                  Yeah i knew it was going to be an explosive game... didn't predict we'd stink it up so bad on offense.

                  it was a fun game, our fans left around 6:00 in the 3rd... I was f... well lets just say i was mad.. very very mad... I yelled "Get outta here" at them... we were only down 15 at the time too... GRRRR

                  i hate our fans.

                  the people around me (about a 6 person radius) didn't stand up for the whole game.. they were just talking...

                  I was mad about that too. I was more pissed at them than the game.

                  I kept yelling "Come on, CHEER FOR YOUR TEAM"

                  and started chants every single play for "DE- FENSE" "DE- FENSE" and nobody joined in but me and my friends...

                  worst student fans ever...

                  OH one plus was that we did the wave 4 times around on offense... that was exciting.

                  there was like 1,000 people left at the end of the game and the band started to play "Bad Romance"... afterwards, i yelled "YOU GUYS ROCK" and people laughed...

                  people also laughed when i was trying to start a chant for "SAFE- TY" "SAFE- TY" when they were in the red zone....

                  it was fun... wellllll... i made it fun for us.

                  i was screaming throughout the game though and was an awesome fan... i think i was probably in the top 10 over at that game... I was hollering louder than gerrard butler in 300.. every single freakin play on defense.

                  good game though