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So who played for their teams in middle school/high school/college?

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  • So who played for their teams in middle school/high school/college?

    Just wondering if any fellow posters played for their schools teams. If so what positions? I'd really like to sign up for my college as a TE, but I'm not very strong and am only about 190 I am 6'2 though, so there's that

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    I played for East Middle School in Grand Junction way back in the day as a half back and safety. Played same positions in High School here in Southern Utah, actually was second team state my Junior Year.

    If you really want to play TE you need to bulk up a bit. I would suggest hitting the weights pretty hard over the next couple months and adding some strength as well as size. If you work hard enough at it you should succeed.

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      I just started my Junior year (big mistake) I was made to play football I wish I had started in middle school. I'm 6'0 and in high school I was at about.... 200 playing MLB in a 3-4 scheme. I got so strong so fast.... I started at 130 on bench then in one year went to 245 in bench. I was reppin my body weight at 200. Then I went from running a like a 6.9 in the 40 to like a 6.1 in a year I think. Not much there... thats my only regret joining too late
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        I played Center/Guard at my high school. Started guard my Jr year and started Center my Sr year. Conference Champs my senior year.


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          I played in HS. Blew my knee out senior year so no scholarship offers. It actually helped me learn the game, I was more of a coach that year than player. Then was a set walk on at CSU but blew out my knee AGAIN the week before practice.
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            Played WR and S. Was ok nothing special got some d-1AA offers

            But was a pitcher and 2B in baseball and had some big D-1 offers, but blew one knee out JR year and blew the other out Senior year. So that was the end of that.


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              played football in HS. Was 3rd string RB, 2nd string Sam lB, punt return, kick return, punt/kick I even had to be kickoff K, once when our kicker got hurt....Couldnt see the ball through my LB facemask and hit it with the heel of my foot. LOL it was a line drive for about 14 yards, hit a puddle of water, blinded the kid and we recovered....LMAO-funniest s*** ever! we still lost.

              Also played Hockey Varsity in HS and Hockey in college at Metro (ice hockey that is)
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                i played golf for four years in high school does that count? lol



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                  Sadly i never got the opportunity... though if i had i woulda been wr. a good one too.... my friends were on the team and i was better than them...

                  family issues

                  but i wasn't going anywhere with it so who cares, i still play every week with my friends so its all good

                  funny tidbit.... my friend was trying out for TE at fresno state and the coach moved him to LB to tryout for... but he got kicked out for missing one practice. lol


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                    Played FB and Split End in HS. Got a scholarship but was constantly hurt. Knee and back just couldn't take it anymore. I took a beating in high school.


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                      In high school Played mostly CB and a little safety in certain situations. My D-line was amazing so I really never had to do much lol, got a few picks here and there.. In fact our entire D was amazing and I still believe we have the school record for fewest YPG and possibly PPG on defense.


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                        I played defensive line for a nationally ranked high school team in 1993. I started the first half of the year, but with 2 D-1 college prospects playing on our D-Line, my playing time dwindled toward the end of the year.

                        Walked on at D-2 Northern Michigan, but got a concussion in my third week of practice (4th one in as many years) so my playing career was pretty much done.

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                          I only played three seasons of football in high school in Estes Park, CO and CSDB in Colorado Springs. I was encouraged to go out for a D3 team but I decided I didn't have the motivation and after talking to the AD at CSDB who had a NFL-sized nephew who decided that he didn't want to play football, I decided not to play football again. Part of that reason was I dislocated my elbow in one game during my senior year and basically blocked with one arm the rest of the season so I wasn't as effective as I could have been. After a bad injury like that, I decided that the game of football wasn't worth it and focused on getting a quality education in college and I'm very thankful for that.