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Florida Gators offense with Adazzio as coordinator

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  • Florida Gators offense with Adazzio as coordinator

    If Florida's offense is under Meyer's control, why has the offense been so inconsitant under Steve Adazzio's watch? I can understand struggling some with a new quarterback, lineman, and defensive coordinator. I see the same problems last year starting Tebow as their having this year with Brantley having problems throwing the ball and scoring in the red zone. Are Florida's troubles coming from new players or is coaching/play calling causing the problems? Top recruits at running back and receiver should improve or keep the offense rolling not turn it into a bad snapping, fumbling at the goal line, and interception throwing machine. I was hoping with Brantley that Florida would look like the fun and gun throw around the field team it used to be.

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    For whatever reason the gators want to run the option with brantley. He has been pretty good when they pass out of the spread instead trying to run it. Not only do they want to run it but they want to be a power running team with Rbs that are all speed and can't break tackles against top competition. There was all this hype about Andre Debouse last year but i haven't seen much. And Adazzio is the playcaller which could explain why the offense hasn't been good. We were at our best when Dan Mullen was here.


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      Just remember to NEVER bet for Florida ever again......

      Seriously..... Mississippi State?


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        I think it was Dan Mullen. They just haven't been the same since he left.

        Tebow help mask their shortcomings last year (along with Hernandez).


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          I think that last year Adazzio relied too much on Tebow to get him out of sticky situations. The offensive line was pretty poor last year. By far the worst it ever was in Tebow's career. The only difference was that they didn't need to make too many corrections because Tebow could get out of it and make something happen when nothing was there. That's not possible when Brantley is at QB. He needs better protection if he's going to be able to scan the field.

          I love Brantley, but does anybody else think he's trying too hard to not make mistakes? It seems he wont throw the ball to anyone unless there isn't a defender within 5 yards of them. It might limit mistakes, but it also limits the big plays that we need. Just wondering everyone else's opinions.
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