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    i like how everyone only brings up ohio state and hardly any team in the SEC

    i know my team sucked horribly this year but we lost to the number 1 team in the country oregon, LSU, bama all top 10 at the time i believe and it was within 6 weeks and then South carolina a week later making it 4 teams in 7 games in the top 20 . . . thats an SEC schedule for you, its brutal, nasty, and trying. of course there are filler games in there like UAB and TN-Martin

    i like boise and i wish they had the chance to play any of these teams during the reg season but they didnt and we truely wont know if they deserved a NC game because of that


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      Originally posted by Al Wilson 4 Mayor
      I never expected Boise in the NC game. I was really looking forward to the Rose Bowl however.

      That was a really bitter loss. You should never miss a 26 yard FG from the middle of the field. He wasn't even dealing with a hash mark!

      At the end of the day I feel bad for the kid. He's from the town I live in. He went to Meridian High School where my son will be going. He's probably been a fan of the Broncos since he was a kid. This has to be really hard for him.
      Ya gotta feel for the kid.


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        We want a national championship! Who cares if we have a kleenex schedule! We can get up for any game! We can beat anyone!

        Oh...hi there, Nevada. That's an awfully big stick...

        Hooray, beer!


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          Originally posted by Kno-Sean
          Who says Nevada isn't over rated? Who has Nevada even beaten besides Boise State?

          It's the WHACK. It's not like Boise State lost to the 19 ranked SEC school.

          Whatever you can hang your hat on not being "over rated" but at the end of the day we can exclude Boise from National Championship discussion and you can start commenting on the Best 1 Loss Team thread.
          nevada beat fresno state... they shoulda bolted to #1 after that win alone!

          anyway, i do think nevada is overrated. why??? we were leading most of the game against them... and we lost 51-0 to boise... thats why


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            yesterday early afternoon Boise State was in the national championship and by the end of the night they are in the poinsetta bowl LOL


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              Originally posted by Sparky The Sun Devil
              yesterday early afternoon Boise State was in the national championship and by the end of the night they are in the poinsetta bowl LOL
              Actually these are the 2 bowl's they will most likely end up in:

              "uDrove Humanitarian Bowl "

              or the

              "Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl"


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                Originally posted by LarryDean
                That's a shame for the fans of Boise St

                I believe that they was definitely deserving of the recognition they was getting and a high enough ranking to be considered for a chance at the National Championship all to come to an end just like that ..
                Yeah, after a day of being pissed off about the way Boise played I'm not as mad now. It was a good game, but I do believe one day Boise will get a shot, just not now. I'm still pissed off at Brotzman for missing two easy FGs, technically PAT distance. But I really can't blame the loss on him, as a whole Boise didn't play that well, and on top of that, they missed a lot of sacks and tackles in the back field, and Nevada ending up scoring. So while Brotzman should've made those 2 field goals, I defintley can't pin the whole loss at him.

                But like I said before, I've been a Boise fan for years, and it took me this long to see them almost get a chance, I believe they'll get there. At this point, I'm going to route for TCU to beat any BCS team they end up playing, just so it proves than non AQ teams, are for real.


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                  Originally posted by RealBronco
                  we played poorly. we didn't tackle or wrap up where we needed to, especially with chances to get Colin way behind the l.o.s.

                  but above ALL of that, the two things that upset me most is the terrible, terrible call on the "interfering with the punt returner" or whatever that gave Nevada the ball back that led to Colin's diving TD... the returner clearly lost the ball before he was hit. should've been BSU ball in the red zone.

                  second call was the most obvious pass interference+face mask i think i've seen in a long time on Titus Young that the refs somehow missed.

                  no, these are not excuses... there is no excuse for that terrible of officiating.

                  other than that... it's all on Boise's poor play tonight. we did not look like #4 out there AT ALL. did we deserve to be #4? you bet we did. but a RANKED team came in and played to the end, took advantage of our plethora of mistakes and came away with an upset.

                  not the first time this has happened in college football. not even the first time this season.

                  I'm not ready to say Nevada deserved the win, but Boise State sure didn't.
                  I agree, Boise did pretty well containing Kaepernick throughout the game, it was just the poor tackling that killed them in the end. Yes the officiating was bad, but you're not going to get all the calls your way, all the time, but that muffed punt defintley could've been the turning point of the game. The defense was probably the worse I've seen all year, and you can't win games on offense alone, you need defense as well. And who knows, Coach Pete using a timeout to ice the kicker probably would've changed the outcome.

                  Don't worry though, it didn't take us long to go from an unranked team, to a top 5 team. Boise will have another shot at it.


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                    2 things 1 GO PACK
                    2 Nevada showed a lot of heart in that 2nd half something Id love to see from our Denver Broncos


                    • fresno won in a nailbiter against a terrible team


                      • Originally posted by 12and4
                        fresno won in a nailbiter against a terrible team
                        Idaho was worse in 2006, so why did asu hire their head coach??