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    Originally posted by Seto
    and we wouldn't have had to get back o track if our first 2 drivees werent 3 and out because we ran it 4 out of 6 plays and Moses droped a perfect Jason White pass.

    I still think we need to pass the ball and get some points on the board. Im not saying give up on the running game, but we have gone from one extream to another. A good medium, remember Q and Hyble, Griffin was only 1 yard up on Hyble for the intire season
    Overrated? lmao....the guys just ran for his 8th straight 100 yard game. In his two biggest collegiant games he has over 200 yards rushing. He is beyond the real goodness this guy is good.

    The only difference between last years OU offense which was very poor running the football in big games, is AD.


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      hopefully he doesnt get hurt but falls to us int he end of the firs round the year he comes out, i know shanny dont normally pick up rb in 1st round but this kid could change the way we do things
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        Originally posted by mrsolo
        Seto...I think you're being way to hard on him. I think he is as good as advertised. The problem the last couple of games early on is the other teams are stacking the box. OU's lack of production is more the result of conservative play calling than Peterson's ability. If you really watch him, you'll see how good he is. He's running over D-1 college seniors and shucking them to the ground like they're little kids on the playground. He's good enough to warrant some Heisman consideration, but everyone should really wait till the season's end to see who really deserves the trophy.

        He deserves Heisman consideration, but in the end, there is no doubt Jason is not only the best player for OU, but the best player in the nation. You people get me wrong, I think Peterson is one of the greatest RBs I have seen, I just think that people have got a little to caught up in the Hype.
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