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Urban Meyer Is A Fraud!!

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    Great post, Rod. I've totally been living that whole story -- the Gators supposedly had a "gimmick" offense that generated large amounts of first downs and touchdowns.

    And note to Deonte -- you suck, and us older fans knew it even before Tebow was gone. There's a reason you didn't get the ball much.


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      Urban Meyer Is A Fraud

      Urban Meyer is a short-term coach with an offense that works great at first but tends to weaken over time. Meyer coached two seasons at Bowling Green, two seasons at Utah, and five seasons at Florida. At each one of those schools Urban Meyer inherited his players, regardless of who he recruited, all he had to work with was the talent that other coaches worked so hard to get. Now let me make this a little easier to understand, recruiting your players is 9/10 of the battle, if you can't get good recruits than your teams are going to suck. Utah was the catalyst school in Urban Meyer's career to jump to the "big time". All his success which he takes full credit for is rightfully due to Ron McBride. Urban Meyer is a rich man becuase of Coach Mac and he knows it, Urban still takes all the credit, even though Mac recruited Alex Smith and all the other stallions on both his Utah Championship Teams. Urban took his same philosophy to Florida where it won him two national championships, with no undefeated seasons, and yet again did it with another coaches recruits, and of course took all the credit for that too. When Urban Meyer knew everyone had started to figure his scheme, he knew his luck had run out. Until Urban Meyer puts his own team together with his OWN recruits, then and only then will Urban Meyer be able to showcase his true coaching abilities. But it's okay, he made his millions and got out just in time. Not in it for the players at all, money is the name of Urban's game! A losing season is something Urban just can't fathom, and he was about to face many of them until he would've been fired. Go out while you can leave with some dignity, even though the whole retirement deal seemed fishy from the time Bama showed Urban Meyer that he didn't belong with the big boys!


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        It's not all about the talent on your team... Some teams have great talent but get beat constantly by less talented teams.

        How is it possible for a team like fresno state, with fresno talent, to go toe to toe with the likes of a #1 USC and in the past weekend #10 nebraska.

        it's not all about talent. You are downplaying his role as head coach. He is a good head coach.

        He is a bad head coach though in that he doesn't prepare his athletes for the NFL as much as he should...

        why the epic bump for a one post wonder???


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          Dan Mullen Is A Fraud Too

          Dan Mullen just wants to be Urban Meyer. He followed the same track which was to get a coaching job at a school packed with talent by the old coach who recruited them because they liked him. As for Urban Meyer and Dan Mullen no player in their right mind would want to play for their deviant cunningness, they're money coaches and kids see that. Now this is the problem, these players who are already stuck at these schools that Urban or Dan didn't have to go through the trouble to recruit are stuck with them and have no choice but to play their way or they will just get rid of you like you are a piece of meet in the NFL. Mullen has tried hard to emulate his hero Urban Meyer, but hasn't quite figured out that he's not as good at being an ass hole like Urban is. In fact he has a real softy Joseph Smith face. His glory road won't lead to what Urban's did so he better be careful with the money he makes at Miss St. because he won't be offered a job like that ever again after he is fired for not backing up all his trash-talking, not to mention the shady Cam Newton type stuff he's into. Like I stated, it's all about that f-ing money, nothing to do with the kids, and that's what it's supposed to be about, and it's very, very, sad that coaches like Urban, and Dan fail to realize that. Along with that ugly doofus looking coach who looks like a fat disgusting sewer rat named John Hevesy, man he is one ugly a-- mofo, he needs to just shoot himself in the head, it might actually help him look better!
          And what's his playing experience, a no name school in the middle of a no name place, like a high school j.v. team, funny when your coach has never played the level of ball he's coaching, that should be some sort of prerequisite.


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            Like I said Urban Meyer knows how to win in the short run, but Urban doesn't have the coaching caliber that Ohio State DID have, or LSU, BAMA, there's plenty of them, those are coaches who have seasoned their positions, not just have a few really good seasons and then when you have a mediocre season start crying about it because you can't handle the fact that that's how it's going to be for Urban Meyer no matter where he goes. Recruiting is 9/10 of the battle, and if you can't even stay your players coach for more than a few seasons, there's something wrong about that.


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              Archie Manning said it best "A true coach acts as a father figure towards his players", That's not something Urban Meyer, Dan Mullan, or John Hevesy can say about themselves. Their eyes see nothing but green federal reserve notes.


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                Colleges don't recruit players that aren't talented. It may have been one thing had Urban Meyer taken over at a school like Fresno State, it's not like they don't have a good team. Just look what Urban was handed in players, a handful of them are still in the league from his 2-year Utah stint. He inherited damn good teams from Utah and Florida, and that's all there is to it.


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                  Well he's not coaching anymore so that's that...