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    Originally posted by baphamet View Post
    i am not on any side of the fence when it comes to this topic, i am just stating the obvious.

    the only time greed starts to irritate me (when it comes to sports) is when it starts to effect the game or hold it back.

    when you got the bowl system which is completely outdated and pointless (except to make money) that starts to piss me off.

    the only reason we don't have a playoff is because they cant figure out how to still generate the money that the bowls generate.

    it really pisses me off when people try top lie and say they cant do it for academic reasons or some other BS excuse. division II college football has a playoff system for god sakes, don't tell me the NCAA cant come up With something.

    i know i am ranting but that pisses me off so much.

    the NCAA is as bad as it gets when it comes to greed effecting sports IMO.
    The reason why the NCAA and BCS aren't trying to come up with something is because it would take time and money. They would rather sit on their asses and collect money instead of finding ways to solve BCS problems.

    The NCAA is a joke. Players go to big schools because those schools give them the best shot of providing for their families. Players on scholarships aren't even allowed a part time job. If an agent/booster comes a long and offers you money, of course you're going to take it. It's practically a contract you are signing. The school can take away your scholarship for any reason, and there goes your chance at becoming pro and having a education. How is that fair to the players?

    If the NCAA wants to get rid of these scandals, then adapt to the changing times. Kids aren't going to school for an education anymore, sadly, but for the hope of a big off in the NFL. That's why, IMO, college football should be considered Minor Leagues. A way for the players to make wages and still get a good education. Pay the players, sure big schools are going to get big time players because of the money being offered. But as if that already isn't happening.