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Smallest Football Player Ever????

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  • Smallest Football Player Ever????

    wow i'm rooting for him....

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    Im sorry, there is no way. I know high school teams in Georgia where im from where he cant play because of the competition, and the size of high school players in the south..

    I was the smallest on my team in height and weight during my playing days as a corner. ( 5'8 165 lbs in my senior year in high school as a starter ) I have gained 12 lbs of muscle since 7 years ago in which I now tip the scale at 5'8 177 lbs, and would still be considered small even playing high school ball in Atlanta, where kids now these days just keep getting bigger and bigger..


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      Never say never but his body won't be able to take the constant punishment at RB. 4'9 130 pounds? The height is not the big issue its the weight. And at that frame he doesn't have much room to pack on much more muscle. Doesn't matter how much the guy benches or squats or whatever he is gonna walk away with some serious injuries. Gotta love his heart though and i wish him the best and that he walks away with his health.


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        wow, and I thought Redskins returner Brandon Banks was small


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          lol, fresno's rb is 5'7... but he's 3rd in the nation in yards.


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            Originally posted by 12and4
            lol, fresno's rb is 5'7... but he's 3rd in the nation in yards.
            Its like Shaw said below my first post, its not a players height, but the weight... He is too small.. he is smaller than pop warner kids.. at 130 he will have a season ending injury as soon as someobe tackles and falls on him.. cracked ribs, etc.. bones are wayyyy to small. I hate to dou t people, and i hate myself right now for doubting the guy... But its just no way he can play college football, especially RB at 130 lbs..


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              Read this story just a few seconds ago on yahoo's home page.

              Honestly, size really doesn't matter at RB(I played RB for yrs before I injured my knee. Central Michigan was gonna give me a scholarship before the injury. I'm 5'4 135ibs).

              You can go far in sports based on skill not height, but he wont go no farther than where he is at. A pro team wont be interested. Shortest pro RB is 5'6(Sporles or Jones-Drew).

              Best of luck to him, eyes will be one him if Rice give him play time Saturday.
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