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Has Nobody posted this yet....PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Has Nobody posted this yet....PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why aren't schools closed today? Why aren't people making out with complete strangers on street corners? Why isn't your couch on fire?

    People, rejoice! We're going to get a four-team college football playoff! It's the Finally Four!

    In fact, right now, somebody ought to be bronzing meeting room 303 on the third floor of the Westin Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, Fla. Because that's where Twelve Good Men -- the 11 FBS commissioners plus Notre Dame's AD -- made history last week. They hammered out approval for a four-team playoff.

    All praise the four-fathers!

    "They were aware of the historical significance," says BCS executive director Bill Hancock, a great American. "It was done very thoughtfully. They knew."

    Look, I've personally been beating this horse for 34 years. Fans have been begging for it for over 100. Sanity is finally here! Why aren't you chugging Dom Perignon out of high-heels?

    Yes, we still need the university presidents to sign off on it, but trust me, this thing is vacuum-sealed. When SEC commissioner Mike Slive, a great American, comes out of the meetings and says, "I've always tried not to use the dreaded P word, but now we're all using it!" ... you KNOW it's a go.

    One will play Four and Two will play Three. Are you listening? The four highest-ranked teams have a chance! That's a 100 percent improvement on what we have now, which is dog meat!
    So who wants in on my bracket contest? Where are President Obama's picks? You have a 12.5 percent chance of a perfect bracket.

    One will play Four and Two will play Three. Are you listening? The four highest-ranked teams have a chance! That's a 100 percent improvement on what we have now, which is dog meat!

    No more Auburns (12-0, ranked third, 2004) getting robbed! No more Cincinnatis and TCUs (both 12-0 in 2009, third- and fourth-ranked) getting double-shafted! No more USCs (12-1 in 2003, third-ranked, with five first-round draft picks) getting reamed!
    Sure, now fans will ***** about good teams outside the top four getting left out, like Boise State and Utah, but what do you want? When the French revolutionaries freed the Bastille, the prisoners didn't go, "Hey, wait a minute. I had a scarf."

    Sure, there are a lot of details to be worked out about scheduling, venues and teams by the 2014 season -- when all heaven breaks loose -- but I'm going to solve them right now:

    Scheduling: The dumbest thing college football did in the past 10 years was give away New Year's Day. We take it back with January Joy. The semifinals will be played on Jan. 1 -- no matter what day of the week it is.
    The championship game will be played exactly seven days later, because we don't want our student-athletes to miss any more of the classes they never were going to anyway. (Remember lies like that they used to tell us?)

    So it's on like ComicCon! Please expect ratings of about 40. And billions more corporate dollars every year from companies wanting to be part of the fun. Will they give it to the athletes? One revolution at a time!

    Venues: Some people think No. 1 and No. 2 should get to host the semifinals in the bowls they're attached to now. So if the top-ranked team is from the Big 12, the Fiesta Bowl will hold one. If the top-ranked team is from the SEC, the Sugar Bowl will get one. If the ACC is No. 1, then the ... nah, just kidding.

    Of course, that idea is completely moronic.

    The most unfair part of the BCS bowls is that they're never north. They're always in the SPF 50 towns. It's unfair to teams like Ohio State and Notre Dame, teams that are built for the snow and the wind and the 4-yard nose-bending gain, to always have to go south to win titles. So we fix that right now.

    Therefore, 1 and 2 will play at their home stadiums in the semis.

    The championship game will be played in a bowl that will rotate between the Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, Orange and Cotton, unless one of the four teams is from a tied-in conference, in which case it'll take its turn the next season.

    You're going, "Oh, no! What about our beloved Mega Dollars Bowl and all our neat-o blazers?" And I say, "Play it! It just won't mean anything, like 34 out of 35 bowl games now."

    Teams: Who picks the Finally Four? By the end of the summer, the Twelve Good Men will decide whether to use the current BCS formula, a revised one, or a selection committee.

    The selection committee is a bad idea on the order of the AMC Pacer. We'll simply use the same BCS formula we've been using, with one exception: No more computers. Do you really want the same machine that gave you the Love Virus picking your college football champion?

    But this is all just deciding what kind of candles you want on the cake that a nude Sofia Vergara is about to jump out of.

    "Most fans I've talked to have all said the same thing," says Hancock, who, did I mention, is one great American? "They go, 'I don't care about all that, where the games will be and how you'll do it. I'm just glad it's finally here."

    People, we have a four-team, damn-straight, you're-a-real-sport-now college football playoff!

    Why aren't you hanging from a lamppost?
    We finally have playoffs in college football!!!!!!!! Well starting 2014...

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    I still feel like they will find ways to exclude the smaller schools. Other than just not wanting to do it or a sorry money excuse (which wouldn't have been founded), there's no reason they can't do an 8 or 16 team playoff.

    A four team playoff is one week of football and then the championship game. That's hardly difficult at all and doesn't include enough teams that probably deserve a chance. It's already impossible enough to get to and stay in the top 4 of the polls. That's assuming they keep it similar to how it is now. If they eliminate computers then you've just got cornholes like Mark May and other "BCS Only" Mentality guys voting for who should be in the top 4. It sets up for a situation where we'd probably be able to predict the Final Four teams every year, ten years out better than the Lunar Cycle.

    Or they just need to let coaches decide and NOT allows the media to decide, which includes anyone that works for ESPN or Comcast or any of those affiliates or the newspapers and magazines. Journalists should not be deciding champions the players on the field should be.

    Are they really worried about how to pick the four teams? Problem number one with only having four. It'll be really easy to have four undefeated teams at the end of a given season... okay what now? What if there are five or six undefeated teams left by season's end? Well, screw polls. It comes down to the same system the NFL uses (or maybe similar to basketball). If there are ties in record, then there are conference tie-breakers etc. or if they're still even after than then something else factors in.

    They have to find a way to get as far away from the Poll decision factor as possible or it'll be just as flawed.

    I just don't get why they don't think 8, 12, or even a 16 team playoff isn't going to work because it would only take a few Saturdays to complete. If college basketball can complete a ...what is it now, 64 team playoff (and don't they play multiple games per round?) then I see no reason college football playoffs can't work like the NFL Playoffs.

    You'll have to excuse my reservations about this. I'll believe it'll work when I see it work.



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      Awesome thanks for posting this !
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        Now UNLV can win the National Championship like they have deserved for so long.


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          I saw this but am choosing to stay withdrawn about it until it actually becomes official. Right now they just expect it by 2014. It hasn't been signed off on yet. So I'll believe it when it's official.

          @RealBronco- I know exactly what you mean. I don't think it's unreasonable at all to have 16 games. Though honestly I really don't think anyone outside the top 10 would ever legitimately have a shot to make it. For example last year there is no way a Michigan or Kansas St. would've been able to stay on the field with either LSU or Alabama. Nonetheless I still don't think it's to hard of a task to have that many teams and really doesn't have to take as long as everyone makes it out to be.

          Instead of worrying about going into classes in January just don't take a month off in December. Start playoffs the third or final weekend of December after finals.

          Nevertheless I still feel like a 4 team playoff still gives you a much more sense of having eliminated contraversy. Last year Stanford and Oklahoma st. deserved a shot at a playoff with Bama and LSU. Outside of that it's no real legitimate argument. So it's at least improvement.


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            Well looks like there WILL be a top 4 Playoff in a couple of years. Its a start.
            sigpicoh YEAH?