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Kinda OT has anyone heard of Harry Dumervil?

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    Originally posted by BluenOrnge4Life View Post
    it really doesn't matter what sport they play. It's the stress on your joints from repetitive physical activity, and being so large - a combination of being really tall and weighing just a lot.

    Bynum, Howard, Ming are just examples because in Basketball you have guys that are extremely tall and weigh a lot. You don't really see 6'10 lineman in the NFL who weigh almost 400lbs.
    All just really depends on how you're built. If he's genetically gifted, then awesome. Its a lot of stress on your joints, but when you have bigger joints it can handle the stress easier.

    Kind of like comparing a Toyota Prius to a Toyota Tacoma in a train pulling contest...


    Worst case scenario: He tears up his body and has a short career. (he's going to do it anyway, its his dream, why not it be in Denver at least trying to make a stance)

    Best case scenario: He's a healthy freak athlete that comes around once in a blue moon.


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      Only gonna be a junior in highschool... Loads of potential, probably gonna play D1 based on size alone. Like the way he tries to finish every block on top of the defender, but his stance looks poor. Looks like his ankles are about to bust every time lol


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        Wow, That is one big dude. He obviously needs to develop a whole lot into his own body. He is just grabbing a hold of the opposing player and throwing them to the ground. He is so much bigger than everyone on the field, hell he can't even bend over and put a hand on the ground.

        I do not think he will do that to a 330lb nose tackle with a lower center of gravity.
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