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Please pray for Marcus Lattimore.

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  • Please pray for Marcus Lattimore.

    Hey fellow Bronco fans. Im also a huge South Carolina Gamecock fan. As you all know Marcus Lattimore was still recovering from an ACL injury from last year and looked to be getting stronger as the weeks went on before injuring his hip at LSU two weeks ago.

    Today he suffered a grusome injury. He is a great football player but an ever more wonder young man. I had the opportunity to meet him a few times and i have never been around such a humble person in my life. He has had his share of numerous big plays and scored a school record 41 tds during his time there despite missing half of his sophomore year and now the rest of his junior year.

    I hope that if Willis Mcgahee has an opportunity to reach out to this kid andoffer some advice as to how he can bounce back because its a very similar injury Willis had except i would say Lattimores is worse becauase it looked as if the skin was only holding his leg together.

    I admit my heart poors out to the kid and i got a little emotional much like every other Gamecock fan. I ask you Bronco nation to keep Marcus and his mother in your prayers. He is a special young man.

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    I just hope he's able to play again.

    You could tell the way players from both sides were circled around him, that very well might've been his last carry.

    Poor guy.

    Hooray, beer!


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      How awful...poor guy. He will definitely be in my thoughts.


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        I hate when those type of injuries happen, even moreso when it happens to great examples of what a student athlete should be.


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          Man this guy cannot catch a break....hope he can play again

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            That was just a gruesome injury. I hope he isn't done for his career, but that looked bad. I'd really hate for this kid to never get his shot at the NFL.

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              It was bad, and learning what all happened to him makes me cringe even more. Torn ACL, MCL, PCL, and LCL, in addition to tearing his patellar tendon, breaking his femur and chipping his knee cap.

              He will definitely be in my thoughts.


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                Sorry to hear about that Captain.

                I said a prayer as soon as i heard about Marcus Lattimore. He has already shown the strength to comeback from an injury, and i hope that he stays strong and comeback 100% next season. Keep your head up Marcus!!!.


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                  He is in my prayers
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                    "@VicLombardi: RT @bestkeeper: Broken femur, broken patella, torn ACL, torn MCL, torn PCL, and torn LCL for Lattimore ----- wow. Sad"

                    Least it wasn't head related. Sucks but it could be much worse in terms of if that much damage was done to a vital part of his body.


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                      I don't think I've ever seen a leg get twisted all the way around like that in a football game before. I'd be shocked if he ever played the game again, but then again I've seen crazier things..


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                        Jene Bramel ‏@JeneBramel
                        Lattimore has broken femur, torn ACL/MCL/PCL/LCL and possibly broken kneecap. No word on possible nerve/vessel damage.
                        Worries on Lattimore include extent of PCL/LCL/corner injury, possibility of nerve damage, rehab timetable given both femur fx and ACL surg

                        sad.......Hopefully he can play again. would be a hell of a story


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                          i just now saw the injury to marcus. Wow....just wow.

                          I hate to be a pessimist, but dude is done. there is prob no way he walks without a deep limp after the 30 surgeries its gonna take to piece that knee back together. its sad, cuz he was a beast and was gonna be great.

                          I hope he proves me wrong and plays for our broncos one day somehow.
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                            South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier said running back Marcus Lattimore had his right knee dislocated against Tennessee, and the injury is something he can come back from to play football again.

                            "We're optimistic his football days are ahead of him," Spurrier said.


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                              Yeah. Heard the good news about him yesterday. Thanks fellas.