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Just met Manti Teó Neighbor!

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  • Just met Manti Teó Neighbor!

    Just found out that a kid i go to college with is Manti Teó neighbor in Hawaii. They grew up 2 houses away from each other. They went to the same high school and played football together. They train together. They still hang out in the homeland every summer. He even showed me how he is friends with him on Facebook. This world is so small! haha i told him to tell him we all want him in Denver!

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    Good story but this doesn't belong in Broncos forums


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      Just messaged him on Facebook saying this:

      "Hey Manti i'm sitting here with Elia Uluave at Snow College in Ephriam, Utah. I opened up my laptop and he noticed that i had your picture as my wallpaper, so he told me how you guys are friends and from laie. Anyways i am a huge fan! Your a such beast! Straight up STUD! Me and all my fellow Broncos fans would love to see you land in Denver next year, but obviously that's not in your hands. However you would look really good in Orange and Blue playing between Wesley Woodyard and Von Miller, and ya can't forget Peyton Manning! Anyways just wanted to give you a shot out! Good Luck with where ever your life takes you!"