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    Apparently CSU and UNM are trying to lead the effort to form a new MST football conference including BYU and Boise State. The Big East is looking less stable these days.
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    Why CSU and UNM? Aren't they both pretty weak football schools? I suppose that doesn't mean they couldn't coordinate something I guess.

    It's looking like there might be a bit of a dissention at Boise State over the Big East. The tv revenue has fallen off so much that it's only about a million more per year for Boise. The only advantage I can possibly see in it is Boise would be in an automatic qualifier conference for one year.

    I'm hoping they can work something out with SDSU and BYU to remain in the west.
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      I think they want an all sport conference. UNM is up and down in football, but will never drop it or move down. They have above average football facilities.

      The seven Catholic basketball schools are apparently leaving the Big East to form their own conference. IDK if it would be basketball only or all sports. Several of them play football in DIAA/FCS, like Georgetown. How this impacts their attempts to combat desertion by absorption IDK.

      Western schools joining the Big East is absurd to me. I've thought for a long time the Mountain West was as good as the BE in football. Conference realignment has eroded the MWC and some WAC schools are joining. That's not a big deal because the WAC had sixteen members before some left to form the Mountain West.
      "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus