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    Now that Boise State and San Diego State have decided to stay in the Mountain West, and Utah State and San Jose State are coming in, the conference will have twelve schools.

    They have announced they will divide in two divisions for football and have a Mountain West Conference Championship Game.

    Hawaii, San Diego State, San Jose State, Fresno State, Nevada, UNLV, Utah State, Boise State, Wyoming, CSU, Air Force, UNM

    With the erosion of the Big East and the strength of the current Mountain West in basketball, it seems the Mountain West has passed the Big East in strength and credibility in fact, if not in national recognition.
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    They are also making two divisions aren't they? with 6 teams each?
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        This is not news to me. The Big East may have an automatic BCS bid but in my even though I don't root for the teams the Mountain West has been better for years. Boisie definitely solidifies that.

        But most years Utah could've beat anyone in the Big East. Although I guess they are out now. But West Virginia is out of the Big East.

        Keeping Boisie makes them better though.


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          I wonder if they would make the MWC a BCS conference. I think they have the names and talented schools for it but (not to be all conspiracy-y) would the drop an East Coast conference to add another western one?
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            Originally posted by HurricaneDovs View Post
            I wonder if they would make the MWC a BCS conference. I think they have the names and talented schools for it but (not to be all conspiracy-y) would the drop an East Coast conference to add another western one?
            In 2013 the Big East will have ten schools for football: UConn, Rutgers, Temple, Cincinnati, Louisville, South Florida, Houston, SMU, Central Florida and Memphis.

            Rutgers (Big Ten) and Louisville (ACC) leave after the 2013 season. Tulane and East Carolina will come into the BE in 2014, and Navy is scheduled to join in 2015.

            If this configuration holds, less than half the Big East would consist of East Coast schools by 2015.

            There is a rumor that SMU and Houston are considering joining the Mountain West reneging similarly to Boise and San Diego State, but in order to join another new, not to rejoin their old conference.

            Conference USA is staying alive by bringing in schools from the Sun Belt and WAC. One wonders if C-USA might experience more defections. There have also been rumors about Tulsa and UTEP leaving and possibly joining the Mountain West, too.

            The WAC once had sixteen schools many of which are now in the Mountain West (UNM, Air Force, CSU, Wyoming, UNLV, Fresno State, San Diego State). It was considered unmanageable and the Mountain West broke away. If SMU, Houston, Tulsa and UTEP ended up in the MWC, would it prove to be unmanageable again?

            There was another rumor that BYU was being queried about rejoining the Mountain West, but I doubt that would happen if the conference expands past twelve. One might expect BYU to be enjoying the fruits of independence in football although the West Coast Conference may not fulfill their basketball ambitions as well. The WCC for BB may mean they're trying to be like Notre Dame in more ways than one.

            C-USA seems to be surviving the realignment, but has lost strength as a result. Sun Belt has survived adding former FCS and WAC schools. The WAC is out of football with New Mexico State and Idaho going independent. Who knows? Maybe they'll end up in the MWC, too?

            Even though they lost Utah, BYU and TCU, the Mountain West seems able to maintain approximately the same level of competitiveness in spite of not being BCS.
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              Don't you guys think, that possibly in the next 5 years or so, there will be something like 4 Superconfrences, with the Playoffs expanding to include more teams?

              The only unknowns is what teams will go where, and who will be left out.

              It seems inevitable.
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                The Big XII is having talks with the ACC and SEC and another conference about doing some kind of alliance. Sounds like the BCS on steroids.

                Conferences so far seem willing to be big enough to have two divisions and a championship game at the conclusion of the regular season. How big can a conference be? The SEC currently has fourteen. The ACC will have fifteen by 2014. The Big Ten and PAC 12 are at twelve.

                There are five other conferences with about sixty schools. Sounds like the big conferences want to create a new upper level which will have some kind of playoff for some kind of championship. In the end, it's all about money.

                On that topic, one wonders about revenue sharing within a conference. Some schools will never win their division and make it to the conference championship game, but do they share equally in TV and bowl revenue?

                I have lived in the Rocky Mountain area since 1964 and I like a regional conference with rivalries. Conference realignment has undermined that and the Mountain West is resisting. Colorado and Utah going to the PAC 12 was not to my liking, but Boise State and San Diego State remaining in the Mountain West is.
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