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Three year probation for Oregon is a complete joke.

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  • Three year probation for Oregon is a complete joke.

    Now I understand that Oregon is 1 of many schools to use this service. So it wouldn't be fair to punish them and not all. However this punishment handed down is a complete joke.

    Loss of 1 scholarship a year for three years and nothing else? Seriously?

    That doesn't punish Oregon at all. All it does is unfairly punish that 1 kid a year that now either has to walk on at Oregon or play somewhere else.

    NCAA needs to get their act together on their stance on these services. Either make a punishment that has affect and do it to all schools who violated or don't bother at all.

    Oh and this is more of a thread bashing the NCAA for this joke decision not bashing Oregon. So Oregon fans don't have to be defensive.


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    Boise lost more scholarships than that because the Norwegian football players' host families actually provided vehicles for them to drive......Oh the unscrupulous horrors!
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      The NCAA is so inconsistently consistent...

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        UO got off light because the NCAA would have to punish the other schools that used that recruiting service. Chip Kelly's 18 month show clause provision is nothing since he will have at least two seasons in the NFL.