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Chris Peterson leaving Boise State for UW Huskies

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  • Chris Peterson leaving Boise State for UW Huskies

    It's a sad day in Bronco Nation.

    I knew this day might come, but had hoped it wouldn't come this soon.

    Good-bye Coach Pete. Thank you for what you did for our program. You will be greatly missed.

    I hope you still get a statue in front of the stadium with the blue turf.
    Thank you to my grandfather jetrazor for being a veteran of the armed forces!

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    I wanted Petersen > Sark for USC. After Sark got hired I thought it was because Pete didn't want to leave Boise. But I see now that wasn't the case.

    UW just got a better HC than they had. And it seems like USC is just trying to stay with the "family."


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      So not to bash a good head coach. He was great for Boisie.

      So don't take this the wrong way when I say he was scared.

      He passed up on Auburn and USC. Both way better jobs than Washington. Even if both programs had clowds over their heads. Those clowds wouldn't last forever.

      Peterson left Boisie because he knew he needed better recruits to compete nationally. UW provides that significantly with a quality head coach.

      Peterson will do well at Washingon. Better than Hawkins did at Cu.

      However he is scared to go to a program with high expectations. He doesn't want to go to a program where when he recruits top 5 classes the fans demand a title within a year or two. And if/when he doesn't provide it then it's considered a failure. I don't believe he is looking for that kind of pressure. And he would have that at both schools.

      But at UW that pressure does not exist. They will only ask a bowl game of him. Then when he overachieves that with a 10 win season they will love and adore him.

      So don't take this response the wrong way. I think he is a great coach and will succeed. I wanted him at Auburn (though I'm more than happy with Malzahn). I just don't think he wants the pressure of a top school.