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Will Nick Saban Stay or Leave Alabama

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    he would be an idiot to leave for Texas.


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      Originally posted by CoronaCalBronco
      I guess there is nothing left for him to prove in Alabama. New challenges are always exciting... so if the money is the same or more in Texas, why WOULDN'T he go?
      because recruiting in Texas is much different than in Alabama. the HS coaches in Texas have a lot of pull in where their kids go to college. saban will have to play ball and he can't over-recruit like he does at Alabama, that crap wont fly in Texas, trust me.

      also saban won't be the man in Texas like he is in Alabama, at least not until he actually does win a national title.

      it would indeed be a great challenge for him but he has everything he needs in Alabama, he would be flat out stupid for leaving IMO


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        turns out he actually isn't an idiot.

        Alabama coach Nick Saban has signed a long-term deal to stay with the Crimson Tide, sources told ESPN on Friday night

        i wonder if all that Texas talk and him not signing right away was just him lobbying to get a fatter contract at Alabama? i see what you did there saban!


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          I still wouldn't put it past him to leave AFTER the Bowl game, he is Satan after all.

          Ya gotta remember, Texass absolutely RULES the Big 12 now, they have a say on a majority of EVERYTHING that goes on there. They made most of the rules even before the league was Officially formed in 1996, with Academic Qualifiers, where the League HQ would be, who it would be , the list goes on but I wont get into everything, such as them being responsible for running off A&M, Mizzou, and Nebraska.

          They have the best facilities, the most money at their disposal, and usually get the line on the best High School players in Texas

          So yeah, I cannot imagine an Egomaniac like him not wanting to blow Bama off.
          sigpicoh YEAH?