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    Go NOLES!!!! Next stop, bringing that crystal ball back home!!!


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      Originally posted by DenverBlood
      You read wrong. Williams finished second, McCarron third and lynch 4th.

      I'm ok with Williams finishing second. Like I said 2,000 yards is beast mode even if it was against a really weak slate. I would argue 1600 yards in the SEC is basically 2,000 anywhere else.

      But like I said being behind Williams I can live with. The guy earned it. He probably should've been Heisman with those stats. The Heisman is a complete joke popularity contest now anyway. Everyone wants it to be qb's now because it's a QB driven sport

      The main issue I had is Mason finishing 6th due to early ballot submittals. I think having early submittals is part of the reason the Heisman is a complete joke.

      I mean you're telling me Winston won Heisman even if he had laid a complete dud against Duke and lost?

      like I said 4th, he finished 2nd in NorthEast voting, but ya the Heisman is a joke. Last year Johnny was great, but he got so much hype simply for being a red shirt freshman.
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      What's the difference between ignorance and apathy?
      I don't know and I don't care


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        Originally posted by broncoslover115
        You are actually very wrong there. I have followed this story very closely and not just from ESPN has "spoon-fed" me.

        There is a lot wrong with this case and it stinks to high heaven. I'm not going to go through all the points here with you as it will be useless.

        I have been in the sexual assault field for well over 25 years and I know how rape investigations should go. I know how forensic medical exams should be done. I know how and when and within what time-frame blood and urine samples should be collected for date rape drugs. I know what the chain of evidence should look like. I know what timeframe witnesses should be interviewed by. I know that evidence of computer, text and phone messages should be collected from the potential suspect and not just the victim, I know that medical records should not be submitted without its true findings and clinical impressions erased, and on and on.

        And in this case, NONE of this was done in the manner up to protocol. So excuse me for saying something stinks to high heaven because it does. And, if you don't think that a system like FSU can influence something like this, you are naïve. Happens all the time. Does Penn State come to mind?

        I have worked on many college campuses. You would not believe what they do to overlook and shut down rape allegations. Happens every single day. And more than not, it's the victim who winds up being the one blamed, asked to leave the school or scrutinized.
        The only thing that stinks in this is her ever changing story she keeps giving to the police. I respect your qualifications and experience in the field and I commend you but after reading the 86 page document twice, pictures of the two before and after the alleged incident (even though she claimed to not know him), her poor attempt to hide her previous relationship with him by deleting all her social media and the fact that everyone on her behalf gave a different account of what happened is what stinks. Once again Willie Meggs had nothing to go on and he's pressed charges to several different FSU players in the past so the whole cover up thing won't fly with me. There is so much more to it that what people know so go ahead and believe what you want to believe, I'm not going to waste my time trying to convince you since it's clear you've made up your mind already.

        I'm moving on from this thread cause it will only get ugly if I say in it. Have a good day and go Broncos.


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          Originally posted by the0rangecrush

          like I said 4th, he finished 2nd in NorthEast voting, but ya the Heisman is a joke. Last year Johnny was great, but he got so much hype simply for being a red shirt freshman.
          My bad the site I look at originally posted Williams second.

          It got updated late after they declared him second

          McCarron finishing second just makes this more of a complete joke.