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  • FSU QB cited: lol

    Guess he wanted him some crab
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    No no no he is innocent.

    Don't you know you can get away with anything if you are the QB of FSU?


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      The funny part of this is as a D-III Student athlete we always ate, whether it was a pack of ramen or in the cafeteria, we never went to bed hungry. If D-III Student-athletes were fine, I'm sure this award winning, 2 sport D-I athlete is just fine. Such a joke. Answer this for me to, did he walk there and does he have a pre-paid flip phone? I doubt the answer is yes. It's all about priorities and I'm sure FSU, regardless of NCAA rules will make sure their big money maker and star qb is well nourished.
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        Tired of this guy and other SEC players doing whatever the hell they want.

        They have their priorities messed up down there.


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          Originally posted by SoundsOfSuccess View Post
          Tired of this guy and other SEC players doing whatever the hell they want.

          They have their priorities messed up down there.
          I did not know Florida State had joined the Southeastern Conference.
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            I'm an FSU fan and this is just beyond belief ... I'm not sure what he was thinking to be honest??? I cannot for the life of me figure it out

            FSU = Free Seafood University?


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              - At This School Shoplifting Is Worse Than Rape -

              "What’s more ridiculous than being caught stealing seafood? Florida State’s attempt to lightly punish Jameis Winston for petty theft after shielding him from sexual-assault claims.

              ... The news was practically made for the Internet. Less than a month after the U.S. Department of Education announced it was investigating Florida State University’s handling of a female student’s allegations that she’d been raped by football star Jameis Winston—allegations from which Winston emerged unscathed—the Heisman-winning, two-sport sophomore was suspended. From the baseball team. For stealing crab legs.

              ... what kind of message is Florida State really sending by lightly punishing Winston for stealing seafood but shielding him from a thorough sexual-assault investigation?

              ... Slate’s Emily Bazelon perhaps put it best. “Aspiring college athlete criminals, take note: If you get accused of a sex crime, you have a great shot at joining the parade of players who have escaped conviction or discipline,” she wrote. “But get caught stealing from the grocery store and you’ll be benched, at least for a nanosecond.”"



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                - In Winston's case, father doesn't know best -

                "Normally I don’t care what happens at Florida State University, even when it becomes Free Seafood University. But when I read this from Jameis Winston’s father, I got angry about the family’s cache of weapons-grade stupid.

                Antonor Winston, the father of the Seminoles quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner, told USA Today the school can do more for his kid because he’s “supposed to have somebody around him 24/7.’’ "...

                ..."The most serious charge against Winston came when a woman accused him of sexual assault. Tallahassee police sat on the case for nine months, then the state’s attorney investigated for a month before clowning his way through a news conference announcing that no charges would be filed against the future Heisman winner of the future national champions.

                Winston was involved, or at least around, some bad behavior before the Heisman. He had a history before the crab legs, and it wasn’t a history that spoke well of his family." ...