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Jameis "shameus" Winston - at it again!!

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    - FSU finds one Jameis Winston teammate responsible -

    "One football teammate of Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston was found not responsible by the school for two code of conduct violations related to a December 2012 sexual encounter between Winston and a woman who alleged it was rape.

    A Florida State hearing panel found Ronald Darby not responsible, said Tico Gimbel, his attorney.

    Another teammate, Chris Casher, was found responsible for two violations of the school's student code of conduct and received one year of probation, according to the Wall Street Journal citing a person familiar with the matter.

    Under the school's code of conduct, Darby and Casher were charged with "conduct of a sexual nature that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment for another person" and "acts that invade privacy of another person."" ...


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      - Police to revise sexual assault procedures after badly botched Jameis Winston investigation -

      "A quick and incomplete list of how the Tallahassee Police Department botched the Jameis Winston rape investigation:

      *Police did not retrieve surveillance footage from the bar where Winston was last seen with his accuser and other witnesses before the alleged incident; by the time the prosecutor’s office got around to it — 11 months later — the tapes had been erased.

      *Police did not contact another football player who took video of the sexual encounter, video that was later deleted.

      *Police waited two weeks to contact Winston — by phone — and did not pursue the matter further when Winston declined to be interviewed.

      *Police did not obtain DNA samples from Winston because Winston said doing so would “create publicity”.

      *Police warned the woman’s attorney that her life would be “made miserable” if she followed through with charges against Winston because, “Tallahassee was a big football town”.

      The case did not go to the prosecutor’s office until nearly a year after the incident, by which time most of the evidence in the case had been destroyed.

      And here’s prosecutor Willie Meggs on his assessment of police conduct during the investigation: “They just missed all the basic fundamental stuff that you are supposed to do.”

      But the entire shameful ordeal may have provoked at least one positive outcome: the Tallahassee Police Department is in the process of reviewing its sexual assault policies, and aims to revise them to avoid repeating these egregious and negligent errors."


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        - After Florida State Rape Case, Police Will Revise Procedures -

        "The police department in Tallahassee, Fla., the target of stinging criticism and national attention for its handling of a rape accusation against Florida State University’s Heisman Trophy winner, Jameis Winston, has begun working with a respected women’s advocacy group to rewrite its sexual assault complaint policy.

        The city’s police chief, Michael DeLeo, appointed at the end of last year, has also agreed to an external review of the department’s overall policies by the Police Executive Research Forum, a nonprofit research group based in Washington. ...

        (Meg Baldwin - executive director of the Refuge House, a provider of services to sexual assault victims.)

        At a community forum organized by Ms. Baldwin on Wednesday, major players in the local criminal justice system, including Chief DeLeo; William N. Meggs, the state attorney who investigated the Winston case; and Florida State’s police chief, David Perry, heard experts on sex crime investigations emphasize the importance of prosecuting sexual assaults based on the evidence, not the likelihood of conviction.

        Ms. Baldwin said that among those women in the area who had reported assaults to local law enforcement, most became discouraged with the process. Only 20 percent of sexual assaults reported to the prosecutor’s office resulted in arrests, charges and trial or plea, she said." ...

        The police department in Tallahassee, Fla., which handled a rape accusation against Florida State’s Jameis Winston, is now working to rewrite its sexual assault complaint policy.


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          Funny that it was never mentioned that she was a cleat chaser anywhere. Numerous students came forward and tried to make people aware that she was in this so called "club". Also a her twitter and FB was mysteriously deleted right before the charges came about. Apparently there was numerous photos of them together before the event happened. Now of course that's hearsay from students so take it for what it's worth.

          To be quite clear I'm not saying that nothing happened nor do I condone any such actions but that stuff like previously mentioned make things look awfully suspicious.


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            Jameis Winston's punishment is better than nothing ... barely

            -Jameis Winston's punishment is better than nothing ... barely-

            "Showing that the NFL isn’t the only football entity with behavior problems, Jameis Winston was suspended for the first half of top-ranked Florida State’s ACC showdown with No. 24 Clemson after mimicking a popular Internet meme and shouting a lewd remark in a public space about a sexual act with a woman.

            Unlike their NFL brethren, FSU officials made the decision swiftly, without a lot of public pressure and with enough decisiveness that they shouldn’t experience too much blowback from people who wanted harsher sanctions. It was the right move, but isn’t one for which FSU should be praised." ...


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              I agree, his punishment is hardly anything at all.

              Suspended for half a game?
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                -Even in punishment, Florida State lets Jameis Winston retain power

                "If Jameis Winston thought he was untouchable before, just you wait. If you thought the ethically pliable cocoon of Florida State football had enabled him before, well, you probably haven't seen anything yet. ...

                You know that Wilcox and Fisher went into this season just holding their breath, hoping against hope that Winston could make it another 4½ months without another incident. Then they could usher him off to the NFL, spend the spring media circuit prattling on about how much he had matured and genuflect in all the life lessons they taught him along the way.

                That is not the way it will happen now, regardless of what else transpires between now and the end of the season. At the very moment Deadspin collected a series of Tweets from Florida State students who witnessed Winston standing on a table shouting a terribly vulgar phrase Tuesday, the narrative about Winston growing up or getting the message died once and for all. It's done.

                Reputation-wise, there is no coming back from this. His résumé of missteps, large and small, cannot be washed away by the phony humility and contrived smile that have gotten him through all the other predicaments in which he has found himself. Winston is what he is.

                But as obvious as it's been to everyone outside the Florida State bubble that an intervention is long overdue, those inside have spent the last year peering out wondering why the rest of us just don't get it." ...


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                  Another joke. The University, in my opinion is just as culpable as he is for being a bunch of enablers.:brick:
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                    Update: -Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston will not play Saturday night against Clemson-

                    "Florida State dropped some big news late Friday night. After originally stating that Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Jameis Winston would be suspended for the first half of Saturday night’s game against Clemson, the school announced via a statement from interim president Garnett Stokes and athletic director Stan Wilcox that Winston would sit for the entire game.

                    “Based upon the results of our continuing investigation of Tuesday’s incident involving Jameis Winston, we have decided to not play him for the entire game against Clemson on Saturday night,” the statement read.

                    Winston’s suspension stems from a Tuesday incident in which he stood on a table and yelled an obscene phrase in the student union on Florida State’s campus. A number of students saw Winston yell the phrase and tweeted about what they saw." ...


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                      Personally I don't think what he did is worth a suspension at all.

                      It's just a 19 year old boy doing what a 19 year old boy does.

                      It was stupid considering what his charges were for. But if they never happened then he wouldn't have been suspended for this IMO.

                      Also think he got suspended due to what's been happening in the NFL.


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                        - Jameis Winston just doesn’t get it -

                        "Jameis Winston just doesn’t get it.

                        Winston, Florida State’s Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, doesn’t get how a leader is supposed to act, or for that matter how a decent human being is supposed to act. He certainly doesn’t get how NFL teams — all of them shaken over the last two weeks by the increased scrutiny on players’ off-field misconduct — want their quarterbacks to conduct themselves.

                        Florida State announced late last night that Winston will not play at all in today’s game against Clemson. He had initially been suspended for the first half of the game for screaming an obscene phrase in the student union; the suspension for the second half reportedly comes because Florida State discovered that Winston lied to school authorities about some of the circumstances surrounding that incident.

                        Winston, of course, has had many prior off-field incidents that will make NFL teams question whether his immense talent is worth the headaches. By far the most serious is the accusation from a female Florida State student that he raped her. Winston was not charged, and the Tallahassee Police Department botched that investigation so thoroughly that we’ll never know what really happened.

                        Winston’s other incidents were far less serious than a sexual assault, but the sum total of them is to question whether he cares at all about the potential consequences of his actions" ...

                        Add all these things up, and it’s easy to see why NFL teams would decide that they simply don’t want to deal with Winston, no matter how good a quarterback he is. Winston appears to be a player with great talent who lacks the maturity to be a franchise quarterback. Kind of like Ryan Leaf."

                        Jameis Winston just doesn’t get it.Winston, Florida State’s Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, doesn’t get how a leader is supposed to act, or for that matter how a decent human being is supposed to act. He certainly doesn’t get how NFL teams — all of them shaken over the last two weeks by the increased scrutiny on [more]

                        He doesn't get it at all and clearly refuses to grow up (thank yous to his parents, some fans and FSU for coddling him and enabling his choices and behaviors). Whenever he enters the NFL draft... please, Broncos management, steer clear of this guy. :2cents:
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                          Yep its barely a punishment, but he really didn't do much "this time" either. I get that the leader of your football team and face of your school shouldn't be doing these things. But in his defense, He does seem to be an idiot.
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                            And just like that Florida St. University forgives Winston for all his past transgressions.


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                              7 million the woman was seeking to keep her silence. Interesting.


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                                ...and now it comes out she was looking for 7 million.