embarrassed yet again in a big game........i thought we should have fired bo last season and there were all these fans supporting him and wanting to keep him another year.

what say you now? how many times do we need to get embarrassed before we need to make a change? i don't care what happens the rest of the season, we are done. but if a change isn't made this time, i will officially lose all hope in this once great and storied football program.

winning a lot of games against inferior teams just to get totally embarrassed and laughed at against ranked teams every single year (not even top 10 teams) is completely unacceptable.

on a side note, because i know there are badger fans around here somewhere, your boots are not very tasty..... you guys freakin own us........nice win and congrats on Gordon getting the new single game yardage record.

wish he could have played that last quarter and embarrassed us more, our football program needs a wake up call and i just hope those 3 quarters of absolute domination was enough, although i have my doubts.

i hate football in general right now