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OU is gettin spanked

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    haha! yeah! run up the score on those chumps, pete


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      Started unboxing the championship shirts.

      Love the way most of the analysts predicted a double digit victory by OU, then had to rationalize the loss since most of the game was filler after the first half got out of hand.
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        haha. i just wish that safety didn't happen. then maybe OU wuldn't have scored those 9 points and maybe USC coulda scored one more. that woulda been sweet


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          wow...what class......

          ...makes me want to rationalize what may happen if Indy kicks our bronsos ass'.

          Why don't ya'll temper down your jealousy long enough to simply see that USC was the better team.

          Are you all CU fans or something?

          OU has lost 0 regular season games in the last 2 years. They simply lose it in the bowls, for whatever reason.
          USC would have spanked anybody tonight>plain/simple. Its too bad it had to be OU.

          If it had been Auburn, they'd have not scored any points with their pathetic offense.
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          -- Samuel Adams

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            lol, who's the jealous one?
            "Auburn wouldn't have scored any points with that pathetic offense"..that's funny. That pathetic offense scored about 30 less points than Oklahoma all year, and that's with 4 games against top ten teams.

            Oklahoma stunk last night, plain and simple. For god sakes, Notre Dame played USC much much closer than did Oklahoma.

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              rc sounds like a sore loser .