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    the Nebraska football program is officially dead. Frost failed in a huge way and I have no idea who the hell is going to want this job that has any hope of turning this program around.

    to think bo pelini got fired for winning 9 games a season and playing for conference championships.......oh how the mighty have fallen.


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      Well, at least there are people at Nebraska that care about the football program.

      Colorado’s administrators clearly don’t care about football other than the money it generates.

      Nebraska’s administrators need to recognize what there program is and be content with that. They’re never going to be a powerhouse again.
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          let's see if he can do better than the last few coaches. I'm actually surprised he took this job, to be honest. he could have taken the money that the panthers owed him and chilled for a few years. instead, he decided to go to Lincoln and try to turn this highly damaged program around which has always been difficult to recruit to.

          must be the competitor in him. hope he can at least bring the program back to competing for conference titles again!