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Dylan and Luke McCaffrey

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  • Kyousukeneko
    both guy i will be keeping an eye on for future prospcts. i think both could be Drafted and either would be great as at least a backup guy, maybe the starter if lock busts.

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  • Joshua2585
    started a topic Dylan and Luke McCaffrey

    Dylan and Luke McCaffrey

    It looks like both of these guys might have a chance to start next year. I'll be excited to watch some college football for once.

    Dylan seems to be the heir apparent for Shea Patterson at Michigan. 2020 could be his year, as he was already the #2.

    Luke will have a more uphill battle, after only playing 4 games and being buried on the depth chart, it will be interesting to see where he ends up next year. He got a couple chances based on injuries, but I believe he still sits at #3 behind Adrian Martinez and Noah Vedral.

    One of the really interesting things would be: if Luke can't move up into a starting role in the next year or two, would he go to UNC and play for his dad?