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stupid quarterback and rules question

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  • stupid quarterback and rules question

    Funny play.

    Here's a question. Let's say this was the NFL. If a team takes a safety in on the last play of the game, is the game over, or do they have to try the free kick as an untimed play?

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    The game can end on an offensive penalty... So the game just ends..

    The Ravens did it in a game Vs the Bengals in 2016.


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      My guess is that the free kick is necessary, unless the team receiving the kick has the lead.
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        For the two plays int he video:

        Play 1: That's a TD and the team that scores the TD can go for the conversion (if they're trailing) or now the game would just end (if it gives them the lead).

        Play 2: That's a touchdown. It came up during the Ravens Super Bowl win when there was audio of Flacco saying that he'd come off the sidelines and make a tackle if a 49ers player looked like he'd score a long TD at the end. PFT looked into it, and the rules are that it becomes a touchdown because of illegal interference on a player with a path to the end zone.

        As for the safety in the NFLon the last play of regulation, it depends on the situation: if it happens and the game isn't tied after the safety, the game is over. If it happens and the game is tied, it's the end of regulation and it goes to OT.


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          Play two, yes that is a touchdown. This is what is called a palpably unfair act.