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Hey Denver...idians?

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  • Hey Denver...idians?

    have you ever heard of:

    Jesse White OL 6-2 295 Denver, CO

    hes a new OU recruit for 05
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    I am friends with that kid what about him???
    His dad is Vader the wrestler guy and he is a pain in the ass to play against.


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      Didn't he play for Logan's HS team?
      I hope he's as good as Bob hopes he is. They'll be needing some instant help on the O line this year.
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        Yeah Jesse White played for Mullen HS, he was actually recruited to go there like all there sick players on that team. They are in the centennial league with my team fairview and it is always a tough game


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          Jesse White Transferred to my school a week ago today monday. He is a big dude, i haven't talked to him much, but we used to be friends and I am good friends with some of the people he hangs out with.


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            Another top prospect from Colorado who is a SR this year is DE Shawn McGoveran from Pomona High School. He was all state this year. He is going up to CSU to play DT. He kicks ass when he is on the top of his game.