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  • Jason White??

    Whatever happened to him?? I dont see him anywear on the draft prospect list......i thought that he was a good QB??
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    He's not that good...great college qb's dont' always translate to good players at the next level...gino toretta, danny wuerful, i could go on for a good bit.

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      yea i know but he got his team to 2 consecutive BCS bowl games and they dont consider him good? then why do they consider Leinart good? he is on college 2.......he's only went to one BCS game..i mean..i know he won it, but jason white has taken Oklahoma to two BCS games
      Go Broncos, Lakers, Angels!


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        Originally posted by Bellthebest
        yea i know but he got his team to 2 consecutive BCS bowl games and they dont consider him good? then why do they consider Leinart good? he is on college 2.......he's only went to one BCS game..i mean..i know he won it, but jason white has taken Oklahoma to two BCS games

        Getting to a BCS game means nothing to NFL guys. That's a team accomplishemnt. It says nothing about your abilities as a player.

        White will probably get drafted on the second day by somebody.

        I haven't researched this, but I am guessing his knees make him a liability, and the fact that his 2 predecessors had virtually no success in the NFL makes scouts believe that it is the system at OU, not the QB, that makes them a great passing team.

        Just my guess.

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          Jared's NFL scout is expecting much from him, mostly because of his knee he just dosn't have the physical "tools" the scouts look for...i do think he can become a solid backup in the future...but doubt that he'll ever start


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            yea..i guess you guys are right....i just hadnt heard from him
            Go Broncos, Lakers, Angels!


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              Don't MAKE me pull up his scouting report!

              I said, crap!
              Hit on 255 of 390 passes (65.4 percent) for 3,205 yards, 32 touchdowns and only nine interceptions as a senior … His 7,922 yards and 81 touchdown passes set school career records, topping the previous marks of 7,456 yards and 53 touchdown passes by Josh Heupel (1999-2000) … Completed 622 of 990 passes (62.8 percent) during his Oklahoma career, marks that were surpassed only by Heupel (654 of 1,025) in school annals … .His 7,961 yards in total offense surpassed Heupel's previous school all-time record of 7,522 … A model of consistency and a renowned scoring machine, White threw at least four touchdowns in 10 of 40 games he played in for the Sooners … Joined Heupel (63.8 percent) as the only quarterbacks in school annals to complete more than 60 percent of their passes in a career (62.8 percent).

              Above-average pocket passer with good field vision and a strong arm … Made all the calls and checks and also set the protection call for the offense … Gets good depth on his drop and set, showing the ability to stand in the pocket and deliver the ball with good zip and delivery … Has a compact over-the-top release, but while he can also be effective with a three-quarter arm delivery, it shows a little glitch … His intermediate range accuracy allows him to give the receiver a chance to catch the ball and he moves the offense well with underneath throws … His accuracy throwing long is adequate and he has good touch on fade routes and deep outs … Shows good consistency stepping into his throws and rarely will you see him throw off his back foot … Has great poise and leadership qualities, setting a good example by staying calm stepping up in the pocket … Possesses average size for the position but is too stationary in the way he stands in the pocket … His feet are not effective weapons, as White does not have any quickness to get positive yards by scrambling … Relies on his good vision to get positive yards … Puts good zip on his mid-level passes downfield and is very effective throwing the 15-yard outs … Sometimes fails to spot the dropping linebacker in zone coverage, but he shows patience waiting for his plays to develop and is not the type that will throw into coverage when pressured … Does a good job of hitting his receivers in stride … Despite a lack of mobility, he has enough foot slide to avoid the pressure in the pocket … When he tries to roll out and throw, his passes tend to lose accuracy … Shows a good knack for looking off and freezing the free safety … Has very good anticipation and timing, doing a good job of locating his secondary targets.

              INJURY REPORT
              1999: Granted a medical redshirt after two games because of disc problems in his lower back and an ankle sprain.

              2001: Only played in seven games before missing the rest of the season after he suffered a left knee ACL tear vs. Nebraska, undergoing surgery.

              2002: Played in the first two games before sitting out the rest of the schedule to undergo reconstructive left knee surgery to repair a torn ACL suffered in the Alabama contest.

              2003: He injured his left knee again late in the 2003 campaign and the injury hampered him in the Big 12 Championship vs. Kansas State and vs. LSU in the Sugar Bowl.

              4.99 in the 40-yard dash (outdoors) … 4.85 in the 40-yard dash (wind-aided) … 365-pound bench press … 280-pound power clean … 32-inch vertical jump … 9-foot-4 broad jump … 32-inch arm length … 9¾-inch hands … Right-handed.

              Heupl may not have been a bad qb, in the NFL, if he hadn't hurt himself in camp, and had to retire.
              He has a hell of a football mind, which will most likely end him up on a sideline within 20 yrs, like his dad.

              White's legs are fine. They've both been reconstructed, so unless ya'll are going to say current NFL players with the same surgerys are 'through', then you can't label Jason that way.
              He did, however, lose his scrambling ability, which was his main attribute coming into college.
              On the bright side, though, its helped him read defenses better and get rid of the ball quicker - - -- not bad attributes.
              Last year, many said he had the best tough on the long pass, of anyone. Including Lienart.
              He'll make some team a good backup, if nothing else. I'd take him over BVP anyday.
              White just wins ball games!

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                He reminds me of Chris Weinke. A college QB that stayed at school forever, was a Heisman candidate, then entered the NFL Draft and never has done anything except set an NFL record for becoming the only team to start 1-0 and then lose the next 15.
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