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The college ranking system

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  • The college ranking system

    I do not like the ranking system. some people are to stupid to decide where to put some teams (first Harris poll..........0-4 Idaho got into the top 25!)

    I wish 1-A would do what 1-AA does. Have the winner of each conference make it to the playoffs. I think it would make things more exciting,and best of all solve things like what happened to Auburn last year.


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    I agree that there should be a playoff system, but to limit it to the conference champs would give an unfair advantage to weaker conferences like the WAC, Mountain West and Big East, among others. I think it was Trev Alberts that declared a 16 team playoff to be the best solution. If there was a discrepency at slot #16 it would just come down to the team that was going to get hammered by USC anyway. You would also be able to allow teams that finished second in a conference like the ACC or SEC to eliminate someone like TCU or Bowling Green and thus create better matches in the later rounds of the playoffs.
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      The best thing to do, if the NCAA is dead-set on keeping the current system intact (and it is quite apparent that they do) would be to do completely away with pre-season rankings. They are arbitrary rankings based on what they think teams are supposed to do. I honestly believe that if there were no pre-season rankings, Texas would be ranked #1 and USC or VT would be #2. I truly do not believe USC is the top team right now, but you really can't lose a spot in the rankings if you keep winning, so if you can manage to go undefeated in a fairly weak conference, you can keep a #1 ranking the entire season.


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        the Badgers will win the Big 10 with Calhoun winning the Heisman.


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          Originally posted by Wisconsinhomer
          the Badgers will win the Big 10 with Calhoun winning the Heisman.
          Okay, I know your sig says you're just playing dumb, but seriously, if you want to make idiotic posts, make your own topic and put them in there. Some people here actually like to engage in serious conversations without being bothered by people who are trying to act stupid.