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  • Rose bowl set

    Well its now almost a given that Texas and USC will meet in the Rose bowl now that Alabama have lost to LSU. I suppose theres an outside chance for Miami if one of the two trip up. At least there wont be the mess of an undefeated team left out this year. Tough loss for Bama though
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    As much as it pains me to do so, I will be rooting for USC so hard in that game. I could not stand it if Texas won that game.


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      As much as I can't stand it, I'll be rooting for Texas...
      fight u dwn the must win.. fight fight fr knows no defet! so roll up the mighty score, Never Give in!!...shouler to shulder we will FIGHT..FIGHT ... FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!


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        WAIT A MINUTE, Don't you know the buffs are going to beat Texas in the Big 12 championship just like K. State knocked them or was it Oklahoma off a couple of years ago.

        But, if that doesn't happen I will go for USC. Texas has had a weaker schedual and has so much talent over the years and just waste's it.


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          Originally posted by Hells Bells
          As much as it pains me to do so, I will be rooting for USC so hard in that game. I could not stand it if Texas won that game.
          A Cal fan rooting for SC? Wow! If this game comes to pass, do you need me to send you a hat and shirt HB?


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            Although I live in Texas my favorite college team has always been USC. I like Texas but I have to go with the Trojans.
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              Texas is on the short list of my favorite college teams. USC is definitely growing on me, however, as I am a big Pete Carroll fan. It will be a though game for me either way.

              ...heck, I'm so torn I may not even watch it.

              EDIT: Check that, there will be so many draft implications in that game that I have to watch it.
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                It makes my stomach turn. USC and Texas. The final score is going to be like 62-38 USC. Just because Vince Young is the most overrated player in college football. I could care less, but Matt Leinart deserves the Heisman. It'll be fun watching him make Young look stupid.