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Oregon going to get the shaft

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    Originally posted by NJBRONCOSFAN
    So ,did ND still not belong on the same field as Ohio State? or did they silence some of you doubters as to whether Oregon deserved the bid more, or does is it irrelevent since Oregon still only had one loss during the regular season while ND had two?

    I wouldn't say ND didn't belong on the field. I thought they played well, they were just completely outmatched by Ohio State in all facets of the game, excluding special team field goals.

    I still think Oregon deserved to be in that game more then ND despite what happenend in their bowl game, but looking back I'm glad it was ND. I don't think there really would have been any non-bcs teams( even FSU ) team that could have matched up tough against OSU and put on a better bowl game.

    Going back knowing what I know now, I still would have put Oregon in that game because they deserved to be there, but without their starting QB Clemens, their offense would have been inept. I think their defense would have been alot stronger obviously, but you have to give alot of credit to Troy Smith.

    I would put a case for Oklahoma as being able to match up the best of the non-bcs teams against OSU, but with 4 losses you can't exactly through them into the bcs game. They were a completely different team the secnd half of the season then they were the first half.

    See Yuz.
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      Who knows how the game would have gone, had Clements not been injured....

      ....but evidently Vegas didn't think it mattered.

      This just proved that the Pac-10 was AGAIN overrated.

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