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What team will win the National Championship?

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    Originally posted by bcollin1
    I don't know if I've ever really heard it called a double-standard, per se.

    I've heard "flaming hypocrites" but never double-standard.

    You know...this reminds me:
    there's an old joke I heard when I first moved to Idaho. My buddies from around the country kept telling it to me, so I'll repeat it here.

    Q. How many black people are there in Utah?

    A. I don't know, I don't have a copy of the BYU football roster.
    im quoting this one, but ill respond to all.
    first, good joke above, though you might want to add the roster for the basketball team also.
    the only thing ill add to that is that its not just utah. i moved fron colorado to new mexico (we'll be going back home shortly) for the year, and i can tell you in complete honesty that ive encountered three black people in nine months, and two of them in fact do play football for unm. when you've spent most of your life in big cities (denver and la), it really can be amazing how different things are in other area's of the country. i remember being a young child in venice, ca., and i thought that white people were the minority everywhere. ive been fortunate to be able to spend a substantial amount of time traveling, and its eye opening to see how the world works in other parts of the country.

    to the response to the byu hatred, i must say that you expressed yourself well and have a reason to be upset. unfortunately, if you and everyone judged people based on who they identify with, our world might be an even tougher place to live than it already is. i DO NOT mean to sound condescending IN ANY WAY. i am simply trying to see if you agree that stereotyping me as you have, is identical to the garbage you endured in idaho.

    obviously, you are the same person that i got into this discussion with before, and i didnt realize that until you mentioned idaho. i spent a weekend in twin falls once, though i dont presume to know how life there would be on a regular basis. i remember in one of our earlier discussions, you assumed that i hadnt lived in salt lake (or idaho) as a non-mormon. as i said then, i have.

    i went to byu ONLY because i had a good experience prior, and i wanted to play basketball in that arena. i had NO intention of becoming a member of the church. it was actually the people i met that made me investigate. i was treated so kindly even though i was an "outsider" in the religous sense. i got no pressure to convert, and simply saw a group of people that AS A WHOLE were very patient,kind, well spoken, and came from apparently happy homes. i blew out my knee again, never played a minute, went home to help take care of my sick mother, but after reading the book of mormon (along with actually READING the bible also as they go hand in hand) i was baptized anyway.

    as for your experience, it is obviously exactly opposite, and im deeply saddened by that. i wont question your experiences at all, i will simply say that thank God that isnt the experience of everyone. your anger and pain from being treated so poorly (and discriminatory) may never be eased, but i do hope to at least convince you that stereotyping ALL mormons because of what happened to you is not the answer. its UNDERSTANDABLE, but when that happens the seeds of prejudice are planted. someone treats you with prejudice and disrespect, and you in turn have a prejudice to anyone who claims the same religion (or school,race,sexual orientation, etc.)

    okay, on to the explanation for my initial post. again, i didnt realize who you were, but i was responding to YOUR post where you stated that anyone from byu "needs a beating"
    obviously a prjudicial comment like that would offend someone like me. i actually thought my response was fairly tempered considering. as for the comment to "lighten up"
    well, given what you had said i meant exactly what i said. it was as simple as i could put it and also not get overly angry.
    i was a psych major. i studied it for almost 6 years, i do not need a psych lesson. at the time, i was actually reacting to your derogatory comments, as opposed to my attitude in this post which is indeed to hopefully have a discussion and possibly resolve some things. at least to maybe help you see that discriminating against anyone mormon, is almost as bad as them discriminating against you.

    to football after my writing a book (sorry to anyone who actually read it all)
    i respect your opinion on football. i just dont agree. i will say this. stoops has been OUTSTANDING thus far, but carroll has as well. as for the programs prior, i think if you compare records year by year youll actually see that usc hadnt been anywhere near a DOMINANT team in a long time, and hadnt (hasnt) won a national championship since the 70's. either way, both programs and coaches are top notch right now, and it is more than reasonable to pick either one to win it all. mainly, i just go on the fact that usc in my opinion has enough speed and talent to get to oklahoma's defense, and i think that will be the small edge that propels them to victory in the 4th. i also feel that sc is playing in the better conference this year, and i expect that may help some also. as i said before, i certainly hope that these are the two teams playing, because i think that the matchup and game should be solid.



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      quality post again.
      your point is well taken. i CHOSE to go to that school, and though i made NO initial inquiries about the church, i suppose it is entirely possible that i was treated differently because of my situation. youre right, i was no kobe, but in utah they hold most anyone with basketball skills in pretty high regard, especially if that person is willing to use those skills to help their school.

      i really hadnt thought of it like that before. i still feel horrible about what happened to you and i cant apologize enough. it stings every time i hear someone complain of that kind of treatment. im sure it doesnt make you feel any better but i try on a regular basis to do my part to explain that being prejudicial and arrogant is an embarrassment to me and the church that they and i hold in high regard. if the mission of a church is to spread the word, you MUST only do so to willing participants, and you must be tolerant and KIND to those people who do not share your beliefs. the kind of thing that happened to you is a black eye for the church that those people represented (falsely)

      if i encountered any of those people with you, i'd stand at your side and defend you all the way. it seems to me that its specific groups of mormons in high concentration area's and they sound like a bunch of spoiled arrogant little brats. they should get a dose of their own medicine for treating another person the way they treated you.

      its long been discussed by mormon's OUTSIDE of utah,idaho,parts of az., etc. that the mormons in those area's often are clueless on the ways of the world. ive heard about, and personally encountered many salt lake mormons that i found to be quite clueless (i cant think of a better word. nice, but clueless)
      as i said before, i havent witnessed the poor treatment of non mormons, but i can ASSURE you that it would not be tolerated in my presence.

      anyway, hopefully we can become friendly, and you can say you know at least one mormon that you can talk with, and even have something in common with. nothing can make up for the treatment you received, but rest assured that there are MANY mormons away from utah that consistently preach patience,tolerance, and love for ALL PEOPLE, regadless of whether they share our religious beliefs.

      as for the national championship, i agree that oklahoma is #1. to argue that would be ridiculous in my opinion. i just think that they may be taken by surprise by a team like usc. it will be interesting. maybe we could make a little side bet. loser buys the other a new bronco hat. (we have that team we both love) let me know.


      ps- i remember you comment about being in the navy. thank you for serving our country.


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        thats a deal my friend.

        ill say usc-30, ou-20

        i'd have to agree with the fsu matchup.
        ou-30 fsu- 17 (maybe a little closer than your score but i like oklahoma in that matchup also)

        we'll see what happens. until then i look forward to some bronco talk with you. we're all down after the last few weeks, but hope is not lost. we should be able to get healthy against sd and chi before even leaving home. i expect us to beat out griese and miami for the second wild card, and then who knows. it happened in '97 so maybe we could repeat history.

        so how'd you end up a bronco fan out there in florida?
        also, best of luck in school. what are you studying?

        say hi to sunny florida for me. ive been fortunate enough to spend some time there myself. alexander springs, orlando, gainesville, daytona, and key west. i took six months off school, lived in the car, and ate top ramen and mac and cheese to save money for gas. it was the time of my life. again, best of luck with school and everything else in life. go broncos



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          Clemson won, so FSU is going to drop some more and the Sooners put a big timebeating on today. 77-0
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            I's going to be USC vs. OU and I think USC can pull off the win!

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              Originally posted by CrazyAsian
              I's going to be USC vs. OU and I think USC can pull off the win!
              I saw USC last year in the Orange Bowl and OU this year in Ames. There is no way in the world USC wins this one. OU might be one of the best ever teams assembled in NCAA history...and I really mean that. Bobby Stoops gets that team freaky prepared week in and out.

              USC-7 in the Sugar
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