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CSU Who?...Navy puts up 51?

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  • CSU Who?...Navy puts up 51?

    Wasn't to surprized at this as I know our D coordinator is terrible. If he is still around next year I think that says a lot about CSU and how far they really want to take their football progaram. I am disgusted.

    Why did Mc'D get rid of Hillis?

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    UMmmmmmmmmmmm...This Navy senior class was possibly the most talented in the schools history.

    Navy IS that good. No shame in losing to them.

    Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

    The greatest list of music I don't own on CD :sad:
    You should check these guys out


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      Glad you're starting to see things my way Conrad... I don't wanna get too down on CSU though, we have our own demons to exocise here in a few days. At least you beat Air Force, losing to 2 military institutions in the same season can't bode well for a program.


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        I am not to mad about loosing to Navy, I am just dissapointed in how bad our pass defense played. I just hope that our defense gets better, because right now we have a horrible defense that can't stop anybody.

        Look on the bright side CSU, at least the gifts were cool. They got watches, Ipod mini's, $250, new shoes, and they got free hats and stuff like that.


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          Had a good laugh today at work.
          Our customer service guy was waiting on a fella with a CSU sweatshirt on.
          My guy said something to the tune of < boy, your guys sure got their butts whipped by Navy, huh?>

          As the fella's paying for his purchase, he says >yeah....I PLAY safety for CSU>

          ...ya coulda heard a pin drop.
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