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Iowa cheated

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    Originally posted by thesaint it was ALL the Refs. Iowa played the perfect game and the Refs screwed them out of the win.
    no Iowa didn't play a perfect game but they shut the gaters down in the second half and were robbed of a chance to even the game, if the right calls that should have been called were actually called we would have been watching a completly different game.


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      Iowa was on the bad side of a poorly officiated contest, that is for sure.
      However, Iowa's defense was barking out fake snap counts that resulted in 5 false starts for Florida.
      The officials finally caught them doing it in the 2nd half.
      Iowa was never called for holding in the game, which is puzzling to Gator fans everywhere. Five or six were blatantly obvious.
      Bottom line is, unfortunately the game was marred by officials who couldn't keep up to the speed of the game. A game in which one team has to win and the other lose.
      I give Iowa tons of credit for the come back, but too little too late when their receivers were dropping balls and on some plays didn't even know what routes they were supposed to be running.

      Iowa's fans are all class. I enjoyed their presence at where I am a member.