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    Originally posted by rich_thunder
    Let's get him next year for sure...and maybe Marshawn Lynch outta Cal?

    I love Marshawn Lynch; he is the #1 guy I want next year.


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      i would rather have michael bush. at 6-3 250 and a sub 4.4 forty he would be a beast in our offence.


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        I'll stick with Scheffler at TE with the way he's progressing, and looked in the first preseason game.

        Unless we get a RB that completely blows up this year, I think Denver will seriously consider a RB early next year.

        Marshawn Lynch. Marshawn Lynch. Marshawn Lynch.


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          I would like to get a Safety to replace Fergy and Lynch after they retire.

          Brandon Merriweather comes to mind and he would be a great pickup for us. Miami is known for making great defensive players and I would love to see him flying around our secondary with Champ.
          Darrent & Damien - Broncos 4ever

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            i have to agree with DenverBuckeye. our biggest concern for next years darft is safety. lynch and ferguson have a few more good years left in them. our backup are good but they are all known for run support. i think brandon meriweather can be the playmaking safety that we need. he lead the canes in tackles last year. i think he is to good to pass up. remember the last time we passed on a play makin safety. 2002 draft we took ashley lelie when ed reed was still on the borad. ed is one of the best if not the best safety in the game. so if we are in a position to take him we better take him or i might come back and bit us again.