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How much Experience would it take for one to become a head coach, anywhere?

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  • How much Experience would it take for one to become a head coach, anywhere?

    I was thinking today, as much effort as I put into my love for the game, all the reading and studing of the teams, how much football experience would I have to become a football coach?
    Im not talking about just the NFL Im talking about anywhere, college, high school, pop warner, anywhere?
    I played alot growing up and in high school but thats where it mostly ended. Ive been watching games all my life and think I wouldnt do to bad, its just never been a serious thought for me until now!
    Im sure alot of us here feel the same.

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    i bet they will hire u at temple....


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      You should buy Head Coach lol....

      But to even coach like a pee wee league, you can probably goto your local boys and girls club or something.


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        I know the way it works with a High School staff is that you start coaching the lower levels (Frosh, JV) then eventually make your way up to Varsity as an assistant coach...then you can try and work your way to head varsity coach.

        Then if you open some eyes with your coaching you might get looked at by some colleges. You would then start as an assistant and try to make your way to head coach. Then work your way up again...become assistant in NFL...then work your way up to NFL Head Coach i suppose.

        More likely then not you never get past High School coaching...seems easy enough but its not...thats why coaches are so old takes forever to become one.

        You have to be a real student of the game.

        After i graduate HS and hopefully play in college i would be perfectly content coaching HS football and carrying on another job.

        But if your hearts in it you can make it if you of luck!


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          That sounds good but what about a guy like me thats never had the opportunity to play. How do my chances look.
          I would definately be happy coaching a high school team.
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            well during a class for school i put sports coach down as a wanted furture job

            he told me some classes that i would need..

            but other then that i aight sure

            I still miss the blue background.