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    Originally posted by BIG HOUSE
    ahahhaahhahahahahhahahahaha its called college football kid, teams lose good players every year....if thats going to be your excuse for every team that loses a good player every year then maybe college football isnt your sport.....i guess michigan sucked last year because they lost braylon, marlin and ernest 2 years ago? the best wide reciever in michigan history, the 2nd best db in the nation and a 6'3 235lb freak clearly have no idea what you are talking about so save the discussions for people that actually have a clue how college football works
    Let me explain to you how this works...kid. If USC wins out, MI is screwed.
    I guess we can chalk this one up as another "sub par Michigan team." You were right after all. It's not losing the greatest WR in MI history, freak safety, or even the second best DB in the nation that makes MI sub par. It's Lloyd Carr. You know what's funny though? Henne is a junior right? As long as he's MI's quarterback, they'll never beat OSU, cause that joker SUCKS.


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      Originally posted by BIG HOUSE
      a quarterback who can't hit wide open recievers? congradulations on that....if u mean the best running and most explosive quarterback in the country then i think you may want to watch a west virginia game before you make that claim guys havent faced a front 7with a quarter of michigans front 7's skill this year, watch smith, LIKE VICK get extremely rattled once hes been hit a couple times by our 330lb tackles
      Uhhhhh..............he didn't look rattled to me ........LLLLLoyd Carr....on the other hand......did appear to be a little rattled and confused

      WAY TO GO BUCKEYES....and good effort Michigan.....but head on back to the state up north.................
      My 3 favorite teams:
      1.The Denver Broncos
      2.The Ohio State Buckeyes
      3.Any team who plays Michigan