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Bush, Urrutia to leave early

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  • Bush, Urrutia to leave early

    While the scouts on hand provided us with plenty of information there was just as much news from the Louisville locker room after the game.

    We spoke with several people involved with the program about the status of the Louisville juniors and got some very frank answers.

    Michael Bush is not expected back with the program and everyone we spoke with told us he will enter the draft. Bush, who broke his leg during the first game of the season, was on hand and looked okay walking around.

    The story is not as clear with quarterback Brian Brohm. Sources told us they cannot get a good read on what the signal callers next move will be. The feeling is he's slightly leaning towards entering the draft after seeing what happened to his teammate Michael Bush then sustaining a thumb injury himself which put him on the sidelines for a few weeks.

    Amongst scouts the belief is Brohm is not NFL-ready and may not even be the top junior quarterback prospect. That title could be held by Jamarcus Russell of LSU.

    Brohm looked terrible during the second half of the game showing little poise and even less patience in the face of pressure.

    After the game we spoke with Louisville coach Bobby Petrino who admitted extra protections and protection packages were put in place during the last two quarters. Petrino also said it was obvious Brohm was not looking downfield and ran the ball too much.

    The Cardinals coach looked visibly upset to the point of being perturbed about the situation. It was a nice way of saying Brohm had cabin fever in the second half and was watching out for pass rushers more than he was looking for pass catchers. His draft stock took a big hit.

    Surprisingly the most definitive answer we received was about the draft status of receiver Mario Urrutia. When asked if he would leave for the NFL after this season the answer was a resounding, "he is gone" from sources in the UL locker room.

    We asked about Urrutia's 40-time and no one seemed to know the answer for sure
    What's the hurry, Mr. Urrutia?

    Anyways, Bush is basically a 1st round lock and Urrutia is probably going 1st day.

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    I dont see why Urrutia would leave

    Hes going to have a hiesman candidate QB in Brohm next year

    oh well, his decision


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      Yeah, another year wouldn't hurt Urrutia... I think the WR position is the hardest to adjust to in the NFL...corners are more physical and you have to adjust more on your routes... Bush is a first rounder easily!
      fight u dwn the must win.. fight fight fr knows no defet! so roll up the mighty score, Never Give in!!...shouler to shulder we will FIGHT..FIGHT ... FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!


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        Huge fan of Urrutia and based on upside alone this kid will probably go pretty high. He doesn't have a lot of experience, but hell. . . more depth like that to the receiving corps helps us. If he's gone, you'll definitely see other juniors go too. Robert Meachem, a guy who shouldn't probably is too, but that's just better for us.
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          ive never seen bush run- but his size speed stats that they listed look very entising, i dont follow college much, so i have no idea if he is the best back, or if its peterson, but i wonder if he would still be around when we pick, or if he is a top 5 or even top 15 lock?
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