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    Originally posted by xX-Bronco-Xx View Post
    Those are the things I hated about Charlie too.

    4 & 10 he goes for it with a damn halfback draw to Aldridge . Sometimes it makes me scratch my head and curse at the TV.

    This was ND's first year with Brown and his new 3-4 scheme so with one or two seasons we will see how great of a coach he really is so I wouldn't count him out yet.
    Whoever's fault it is that there is not enough blitzing, that person needs to AT THE VERY LEAST change it by blitzing more often.

    As for Corwin Brown, I'm pretty sure Ty Willingham's scrubs have infested the defense as well. We'll see if Charlie's recruits can really play.

    A lot of Notre Dame haters have been saying that we have used Ty Willingham as a scapegoat for our problems this year. Even before we hired Charlie, Notre Dame haters from both ESPN & fans of other colleges have siad that we fired Ty because of his race. Come on we fired him because he absolutely stunk, terrible gameplanner. It's as if they'll find anything they can come up with so they can find an excuse to constantly bash Notre Dame.

    The only thing I give Ty credit for is that he was there when Brady Quinn, Darius Walker, Jeff Samardzija, Rhema McKnight, Tom Zbikowski, & VERY FEW others were recruited in the first place.