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USC Kicker found Dead! (Merged)

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  • USC Kicker found Dead! (Merged)

    Foul play likely was not a factor in the death of Southern California kicker Mario Danelo, whose body was found about 120 feet down a rocky cliff, police said Sunday.

    Sad news, its always terrible when someone dies, I just hate to see things like this happen, my prayers go out to USC, their fans, and Danelo's family.
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    Originally posted by broncofan303

    Sad news, its always terrible when someone dies, I just hate to see things like this happen, my prayers go out to USC, their fans, and Danelo's family.
    OMG another death THIS SUCKS


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      This is so sad. First Darrent and now Danelo. Terrible times in the world of football.

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        I'm assuming he fell off the cliff?

        Very tragic death for someone with so much potential.

        RIP Danelo.


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          Oh no! That is terrible!
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            that is a tragedy...wonder what the details surrounding his death are...
            so sad for him,his family,friends and teammates...
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              Oh man... i'm in shock again. I really thought after watching him this year that he could have followed his father into the NFL... Wow. This whole week has been so sad... it really has made me stop a lot this week and think about how valuable life really is.

              Rest in Peace Mario, I will miss you!
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                So much tragedy in football in such a short period of time. I havn't heard much on this story but I am pretty sure I will soon.
                RIP Darrent Williams
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                  Wow im in shock... we lost another person.


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                    call me sick, but I wonder if this is almost a record for players dying.

                    Life is just too precious of a thing. It just isn't logically fair that someone's life can be taken away that quickly.
                    Go Huskers.


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                      USC Kicker Mario Danello found dead

                      Mario Danello, USC Kicker was found dead at his home, or at the bottom of a rocky cliff according to police, how, yet to be determined, Danello led USC in scoring this year with 89 points, he was only 21 years old, couldn't find a direct report, but anyway, another player's life has ended..terrible..

                      R.I.P. Mario Danello 1986-2007


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                        RIP, Mario.

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                          This is so terrible man. What in the world is going on? What a horrible year; first Pata, then D-Will, and now Danelo.

                          This really sucks.

                          My deepest condolences to his family and teamates.


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                              Heh people jumped on this thread, I posted a thread as well, anyway, this year is..morbid in the sports industry...R.I.P. Mario.