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    Originally posted by TU_HurricaneDB
    A RB who I think will eventually be a stud is Marc tyler (one of the many RB's on the USC Trojan roster). I saw him play and this guy is amazing, I can only hope the Broncos have a chance at him in the 2010/2011 draft.

    I like watching all the young up and comers... then I get a little down because I remember those days and want to go back... oh well coaching is in my future now.
    I think Tyler is a little overrated (though that could be because he was playing with Claussed) but time will tell. Tyler may not see the field enough playing at USC since they brought in so many blue chip RBS.


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      I first heard about Noel Devine through this board a few years back. Downloaded the posted video highlights and passed it around. Haven't forgotten.

      Anybody see him play last night? (WVU @ Maryland)

      The kid is absolutely incredible!!!

      Defenders' jockstraps, cleats and manhoods litter the field after this guy makes a play. It's like everybody else is moving in slow motion.

      Just.... wow!
      Winter is Coming!


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        Yea I've been a Devine fan for a few years but had to work last night. And one of my buddies called and asked me if I saw him play and he said he looked amazing. Sucks I had to miss it but the kid is special.