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    Originally posted by TDMiller2
    I lived in the Concord area for five years and they do a lot of recruiting from other schools. They are a private school and recruit the best players from the area, which makes their competition weak. It's like watching an all-star team. Not knocking their coach because he is a good coach, but I have to wonder what their program would be like if they were not a private school that recruited.
    I know down in South Florida, Saint Thomas Aquinas is the "Recruiting King" of high schools. Saint Thomas has a QB moving from I think Georgia in order to come play football next year.

    Recruiting or not, I can't knock on them too much because 1) they beat my alma mater 79 - 3 (65-0 at half time) this year and 2) they reach the state title game almost every year.

    They were in the state championship 6A game, but lost in 2OT to Lakeland (most of Lakeland's seniors are at UF now). The amazing part was that Saint Thomas tied the game by scoring 35 points in the final 6:07 of the game, they recovered 2 onside kicks and scored 2 touchdowns in about 19 seconds. In the 2OT, Saint Thomas decided to go for the win on 4th and goal from the 1 and their RB got stuffed about an inch away from the goal line. Great game!

    Too bad that Lakeland blowing that huge lead in the 4th quarter cost them the national championship this past season.


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      Originally posted by SS #38 View Post
      I heard that Florida has the best high school football teams. I was aware that Texas got all the hype for that. Apparently football is the sport down there and their players train very hard to prepare for it. So any truth to this?

      yes texas, cali and florida all have the top hs football players in the nation for the most part, just look at all their state colleges all recruit hard in those states, USC longhorns UF, UM.....just look who won the last 3 college national championships.....usc, texas and uf.


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        Originally posted by .FTL View Post
        Florida, California and Texas are the homes to alot of the better programs. You can tell alot by how much talent comes out of these states and into D1 football.

        BTW, on September 15, 2007, the 6A Florida state champs (Miami Northwestern) will take on the 5A Texas state champs (Southlake Carroll) on a nationally televised game. Both are thought to be contenders for the national title.

        6A!???!!! I thought it stopped at 5A. How do they choose who goes to these national championships?


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          For what is it is worth, PA has more Pro HOFers and currently has the second most active NFLers. (Behind California, I might be Florida).

          While the teams there are not stacked like some of the schools near LA, San Diego, Dallas, and Miami (mostly because the largest metro, Philly, is a pure basketball town and Pittsburgh area large schools are by and large smaller than school in those other cities), on an individual player basis, PA has many many good to great players in the state.

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            PA is absolutely nuts and im not even in the pittsburgh area

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              Originally posted by Orange_Crush30 View Post
              6A!???!!! I thought it stopped at 5A. How do they choose who goes to these national championships?
              It takes a while to win the national championship because you have to be ranked in the top 5 nationally for many years.


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                Del Norte High School in Crescent City California, my old school, has been undefeated 3 years running and went to state all three years. So definitely Cali for good teams.


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                  texas is by and far the best HS football state

                  Southlake Carroll (#1 nationally)
                  Katy (ranked nationally)
                  Lufkin (ranked nationally)
                  Odessa Permian
                  Austin-Westlake (might be ranked nationally, if not, should be)
                  The Woodlands (on a down-swing after school was split cause having 8000 spread out on 2 campuses is kinda large lol)(got to #4 in nation at peak in 2003 before texas 5AD1 final loss to Galena park NS HS)
                  Galena Park North Shore (might be nationally ranked)

                  the list goes on and on

                  and the inter state games are sweet, for the past few years the 5AD1 Texas champ has played the 6AD1 champ from florida. Southlake Carrol moved to D1 before last season and Lufkin is D2, teams ion TExas 5AD1 can play 16 games in a year.

                  Note: first time every in 5AD1 that both teams in finals were 15-0 was 2003 Galena Park North Shore vs The Woodlands. (i was there as my bro went to The Woodlands)