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What team has the highest winning percent in history?

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    Originally posted by jhns
    Anyone can go find a certain time frame that makes their team the best. It really doesn't prove anything. It is just like the Broncos. If you go the past 10 years, we have the best percent. If you go a couple less years, the Pats (or Colts, can't remember) do. If you go a few more years, the Steelers do.

    Really it proves nothing but the fact that someone took the time to figure out what would make the Sooners look like they are the best.
    I agree, thats why I posted the first post as "since college football begin". Because it changes from decade to decaded. But the main reason for the post was to show which programs have been successful and consistent in winning since the the first college season in 1869. Every top team had a drop off point at some time, but they always bounced back.