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same old bears - the D can't be happy!!!

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  • same old bears - the D can't be happy!!!

    the bears played some excellant D today but had to watch its inept offense go 3 and out repeatedly and turn the ball over.

    3 QB's you should not have on your roster - grossman, griese and harrington

    the bears D must be tired of seeing its pathetic offense screw games up!!!!!!

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    I seriously don't know why the Bears didn't do something to get a worthy QB this offseason, they are going to waste another year for the defense by having Grossman. He is garbage plain and simple.

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      I'm on the phone with Leftwich right now if I'm the Bears. He had an okay game, but they know he can't win a game outright for them. I'm also calling the Jets and offering a first rounder to get Thomas Jones back.


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        Well as bad as Grossman has played in the past, the Bears loss was not his fault. The pick he threw happened because Berrian quit on his route, and the Bears/Chargers RB's couldn't run because both Defenses were stacking 8 sometimes 9 guys in the box and neither O-line could make any holes. The Chargers won because they realized this and changed up the play calling a little bit...the Bears stayed conservative/predictable, and the turnovers didn't help.
        Oh yeah....