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Browns Frye Delt to Seattle

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    Originally posted by Ravage!!!
    I would.. because that was before his success as a head coach. Now, he'll be the most coveted coach available. He can get any job he wanted. I don't see him picking Cleveland over ..well.. ANY of the other jobs he would be offered.

    Cowher could very easily be offered the Dallas job, the SD job, the Patriots job (I think Belicheck retires after this year)... there would be 31 jobs in the NFL that would be BETTER than the Cleveland job... certainly for someone with Cowher's resume'. Lets hope that Cowher doesn't end up in SD or in KC (where he coached as well).
    What makes you think Phillips and Turner are going to get fired. They are set up with two of the best teams in the league. If Belliache doesn't win a Championship, he won't retire.

    Originally posted by WhoDeyBengals
    After their statement game on Monday night, I'm certain that the Bengals defense is salivating at the prospect of christening Brady Quinn. Man, talk about trial by fire... if you think Steve McNair was having problems the other day, watch the Bengals/Browns game this Sunday. I'm predicting the Bengals take the ball away 7 times in the game.

    Bengals 35 Browns 0

    I don't know if Baltimore turning the ball over 6 times constitutes a statement in a 7 point victory, wich should have gone into overtime.