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Ravens threaten to bench ED REED

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  • Ravens threaten to bench ED REED

    Saw it on the MANE, and thought...huh, this should make for a great ****storm of discussion over here.

    The Ravens have told Ed Reed to either play within their secondary schemes, or risk being benched this season.
    To a guy who they just over a year ago handed a $44.4 million contract, that's quite a statement. However, the Ravens went back to the tape this offseason and saw how poorly Reed played in help coverage with Samari Rolle in 2006. "I play with instincts," Reed says. "I'm never going to change my game."
    Source: Baltimore Sun

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    SLAP from the MANE has this to say about REED...
    This is the culmination of a situation that has been building for a few years. There has been friction between Reed and Ray Lewis for quite awhile. His comments make him look bad, but it was a fairly predictable reaction to such pointed public criticism.

    Reed's play has dropped off since an injury plagued 2005, but he did play at an extremely high level his first three years in the League. It's hard to just dismiss 21 interceptions, four sacks, four blocked punts, four forced fumbles and three touchdowns; along with three Pro Bowl appearances and a Defensive Player of the Year award.

    Baltimore went 13-3 last year and finished first in total defense and scoring defense. How badly could Ed Reed have been getting exploited anyway?

    Reed didn't seem very overrated in his last ballgame, when he was intercepting Peyton Manning twice in the divisional playoffs. Reed actually would have had three picks in that game, but Lewis knocked one out of his hands.

    No question he gambles more than he should, but there's probably nothing wrong with this guy a change of scenery wouldn't cure. I honestly believe he thought Lewis was going to be phased out by now and last year he realized that wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

    So, with this little tidbit of info now out in the publics hands, how many here would be willing to trade for MR. REED??

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    Monday night the Baltimore defense WAS Ed Reed. Dude was everywhere making plays. They would be complete idiots to bench him. I don't see how they could not have him in the game. He's a great player.


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      sounds like Ed isnt the only problem in Balt.

      POSTED 8:56 p.m. EDT, September 11, 2007


      A league source tells us that there is concern within the Baltimore Ravens organization that linebacker Ray Lewis or left tackle Jonathan Ogden, or both, are potentially lost for the year with injuries suffered on Monday night in Cincinnati.
      The fact that the Ravens are being tight-lipped about the status of Lewis and Ogden is fueling the belief that the situation might be serious. As we understand it, information regarding the status of Lewis and Ogden is also scarce within the building.

      It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out that the Hall of Famers, both of whom were selected in the first round of the 1996 draft, could be seriously hurt. It took Odgen months to recover from a toe injury, and it looks like all of the progress was undone in less than one half of football. As to Lewis, he'll definitely be willing to play with one arm, but he could very well be shut down based on the outcome of an MRI that was conducted on Tuesday.

      In Ogden's case, a season-ending injury could also be career-ending. He contemplated retirement after the 2006 season, and would likely be sorely tempted to call it quits in lieu of enduring more rehab and preparation for 2008.


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        Stick a fork in the Ravens if Lewis and Ogden are done. Ogden in particular. McNair needs a LOT of time to throw the ball anymore. McGahee is not going to change games without big holes. I will not shed a tear for Brian Billick.


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          Originally posted by Bowlensbest3233
          Stick a fork in the Ravens if Lewis and Ogden are done. Ogden in particular. McNair needs a LOT of time to throw the ball anymore. McGahee is not going to change games without big holes. I will not shed a tear for Brian Billick.
          I will.

          HEAR ME ROAR!
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            Maybe if Samari Rolle could cover somebody, this wouldn't be an issue. How good were the Ravens in 2005? This has got to be one of the dumber things I've read.


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              actually... there have been reports about how Ed Reed many times is out of position.... even The Bengals QB has made statements that they know exactly the things that makes Reed easy to fool, and pointed them out. Is Reed good? Sure...but he's not the ALL MIGHTY that so many here want to believe. He's not great.


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                I wish we had Ed Reed


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                  He was pretty out of position Monday Night when he returned a punt for a touchdown, recovered a fumble, and blasted TJ Howsvanilla.


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                    We'll give them Nate Jackson straight up for Ed Reed. Heck, we could even throw in another tight end.


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                      if they're stupid enough to do this, we'd be stupid not to chuck a draft pick their way if they were willing to make a deal.
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                        There is no way in hell Ed Reed will be benched anytime soon. I don't buy it.


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                          ...idle threats...

                          unless, both of the other players are injured, maybe they'll go into rebuilding, dump their $$ contracts to other teams, and acquire new/young talent...but I doubt it