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How about them Bucs?

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  • How about them Bucs?



    They are by far NOTthe best team in the NFC.

    But they have an extremely good chance at taking the division this year. I think they will be behind Green Bay and Cowboys. But I think they are going to have a playoff year..

    Gradowski is not having a very good year. But the defense is wicked.

    Almost two shutout games this year. There only loss was to the Seahawks[One of the stronger teams in the NFC]

    What do you guys think?

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    Garcia is the starting QB.


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      I think the bucs will win the south. They are playing strong right now, but lets see if they can keep up the strong play throughout the season.
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        Originally posted by // / yardo View Post
        Garcia is the starting QB.
        Ya. I realized that as soon as I said it.[Typed]

        I had just seen a video and it had Gradowski. So, I got confused.


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          If they win vs the Panthers they have a real good chance but don't forget their first game performance vs the Seahawks. The NFC is so weak, wouldn't be surprised if they really could manage to reach the playoffs somehow.


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            doesn't matter, the cowboys are loaded this year and all nfc teams seem medicre, but the packers are questionable. Anyways whoever wins the nfc will get slaugthered by an afc team in the superbowl.