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  • Chicagos Offensive Line...

    will be one of the best in the NFL this year.They added pro bowler John Tait and Ruben brown up front. They get Pro Bowler Rex Tucker back yet another pro bowler Olin Kreutz ay center. If they can learn to work together look out.

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    on paper they look hella good, should be top 5 o-lines in football easily...

    but just like our defense, that don't mean crap till they prove they're as good as everyone thinks they'll be.
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      Hmm interesting. I guess I better have another look at Thomas Jones. He may be worth adding to a fantasy team in the early mid rounds.


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        Didnt Saalam go to the bears? Our former LT?


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          no to the jags
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            I'm not sure it matters they were in the playoffs 1 time in recent memory (which was a total fluke imo) and hosted a home playoff game and got spanked........damn they sound like the chefs
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