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Are the Browns for real??

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  • Are the Browns for real??

    Now I dont think they are Superbowl contenders and I'm still not sure if they are even contenders but Does anyone else think they are contenders?

    They lost to the Steelers(Big) at home but that was with Frye as thier QB who I've always thought was worthless anyways. Then They traded him and started Derek Anderson. I always thought he was a decent QB with Oregon State and then last year I remember seeing him come in and beat the Chiefs. I think he has the skills to be one of the elite qbs in the league but I think this will be his last season with the Browns. I think he will be in a Bears uniform next year.

    But since he has been the QB they have went 5-2. They lost to the Patriots and so has everyone else. And they also lost to the Raiders but that was because Lane Kiffin was being a yellow bellied coward and called a timeout otherwise they would have won that game. They beat the Dolphins and Rams just like everyone else has. But they also beat the Ravens, Bengals, and Seahawks who have all been struggling this year.

    So I dont really know if I can consider this team as a contender.

    If they make this a competitive game vs the Steelers this week then I might consider them one.

    What does everyone else think about the Browns?

    I think they will go 9-7 or 10-6 and maybe a playoff berth.
    I'm not quite sure what to make of them...

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    Their offense is for real, their defense isn't.

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      There are three teams in contention for two AFC wild card spots: the Titans, the Jags, and the Browns. With the Browns fairly easy schedule, I bet they make it.


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        "You are what your record says you are."

        Which means that they are looking at a wild card berth.

        Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

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          their still the same ol browns.

          5-11 is where they should finish


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            Depends what you mean by "for real." Better yes, good no. That o-line is slowly being built into an elite unit and they have some nice skill position players. The d-line and secondary leave a lot to be desired.


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              I was thinking about this topic this morning...good offense, crappy defense. 31st inthe league against the run...but they score a lot of points.

              Broncos could be this team right now...if they could score some points.
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