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Should the pats have asterisk? (*moved)

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    Anyone find it ironic that when the Dolphins went undefeated they beat the Pats 52-0?
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      This year definitely not. Past years no either. No proof this helped them,especially in Super Bowls where they hadn't played the NFC opponents in the regular season to have any information to use in the first place.


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        No astrick needs to be put on there record IF they got 19-0.. Maybe if the NFL had discovered this mid season you could debate putting an astrick next to their record..


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          No, not at all. I don't think an asterisk should be put next to their name if they end up going 19-0. However, I wasn't surprised to see Shula avoid the question when asked about the whether their should be an asterisk when he was on the the Mike and Mike show.
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            Originally posted by Cut Back Kid View Post
            if the pats go undefeated should there be an asterisk? i believe so

            hell no! but the dolphins should because they tampered with coaches and they where found guilty of it! well considering the dolphins lost a 1st round draft pick due to coach tampering back in 72 i think the dolphins should eat there words and shula should go jump in a shark tank!!! any one and every one could find a reason to asterisk any team no matter what!
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              Originally posted by Cut Back Kid View Post
              I dont think they should have been fined or even lost a draft pick , just make them forfeit the game that they were trying to cheat in, then if they did end up winning the rest of their games and the super bowl then the coaching staff could say for the rest of their life what could have been
              Dude I like that logic other then giving it the salute.

              I still would of fined them and took the draft pick.

              But give them an asterisk no I wouldnt do that.
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                Asterik should go to Miami.Didn't they play 2 less games back then?