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Priest Holmes career over?

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  • Priest Holmes career over?

    With running back Larry Johnson already on the shelf with a foot injury, the Kansas City Chiefs may have been hit with even worse news.

    Running back Priest Holmes re-injured his neck in Sunday's 13-10 loss to the Indianapolis Colts and his career is in doubt, has learned. Holmes returned from a nearly two-year hiatus earlier this season, an absence that was also a result of a neck injury.
    According to sources, Holmes was dinged two or three times on Sunday. The last time came in the fourth quarter, which saw him leave the field in a wobbly state after his 20th touch of the game.

    As a result, Holmes saw a specialist early this week and will see a series of specialists who can help him better determine his future. In light of the fact Holmes is already returning from a neck injury, this latest scare certainly has to raise questions, not only about this year, but about the future of his career.

    In 10 seasons, Holmes has rushed for 8,172 yards on 1,780 carries and 86 touchdowns. He also has 339 receptions for 2,962 yards and eight scores. He scored a then NFL-record 27 touchdowns in 2003

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    Wow, that really sucks. You hate to see stuff like that happen to other players even if they're from a rival team. He worked his a$$ off to get back on the field and saw a big opportunity when LJ went down. Now his career could be over, that sucks.


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      Oh my, on NFL network on the bottom bar, it says that he'll miss the rest of the season and he's going to announce his retirement on Wednesday. This sucks.

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        Originally posted by Stand Ablaze
        Oh my, on NFL network on the bottom bar, it says that he'll miss the rest of the season and he's going to announce his retirement on Wednesday. This sucks.
        Yeah it does suck. I feel so bad for him! He was a great RB and I will miss seeing him on the field!


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          Still, it was cool that he was able to have one last go. Good luck in your career after an NFL RB Priest.


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            It stinks that his career is over but he was able to work and return and get a couple more farewell games in rather than just retiring after the San Diego game. Take care in retirement Priest

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              Yea I read this earlier. Sucks for Priest. Had some comeback games to prove the doubters wrong.

              He was a GREAT back, better than Marshall Faulk IMO, even though the numbers may not agree.

              A NFL great, now retired after an injury. Sucks.

              Good luck after the NFL Priest, hope you don't get any serious long-term effects.


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                I waived him in my FF league right before I found out about the news. Great timing But I'm glad to know that Denver held him to less then 100 yards rushing before he retired. I've never liked Priest in fact I always hated him back in the day. He struck me as cocky. It was sad to see him get hurt because when I look back those were the good ole days. When I hated the Chiefs and stuff. I remember hating Hall, Priest, Quitterson, and all them hoodlums.

                He had 3 seasons of 2000 plus total yards.
                Pretty impressive. Only Faulk had more seasons(4).

                oh well. Get Well Priest and hopefully You will be an ESPN Broadcaster someday.


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                  It probably is. His comeback is one that deserves an applause. This guy loved the game so much he risked serious injury to play again. Whether he played for the Chiefs, Raiders........ I respect his will and desire to play this game. May he have the best success outside of the football field.
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